Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bruce Lee - The Legend

Bruce Lee Xiao Long

Date of Birth : 27th November 1940 (Born in San Francisco)
Death Anniversary : 20th July 1973
Founder of Jeet Kune Do martial arts
Wife : Linda Lee Cadwell
2 Kids : Brandon Lee and Shannon Lee
Bruce Lee's head stone is located at Lot 276 LakeView Cemetery, Seattle U.S.A

Bruce Lee Filmography :
1971 : The Big Boss (US title : Fists of Fury)
1972 : Fist of Fury
1972 : Way of the Dragon
1973 : Enter the Dragon
1978 : Game of Death

Bruce Lee Foundation :
Founded by Bruce Lee’s wife, Linda Lee Cadwell and daughter, Shannon Lee
The STORE is still under construction as I've just visited the site and I can't wait to see what they'll have in store. Bruce lee collectibles??? I hope they'll make some Bruce figurings.

My favourite site of Bruce Lee :
I've not finished reading the entire site but I find this is by far the best Bruce Lee site.
Loaded with tons and tons of informations about Bruce.

My one and only Bruce Lee action figure.
Not in mint conditions but this is still my favouite Bruce Lee collectibles.

Nascar toy car with Bruce Lee imprinted on car.
Conditon of the card is quite bad.
The sticker price also stick like super glue.
Use Zippo liquid also cannot take out.
When I try to pull it, the card was damaged!!!
Left with no choice, I sticked back the ugly price tag.

A set of small Bruce Lee figures.
The back drop card also makes these figures stand out.
Figure size : Approx. height 10cm

Tiny Bruce Lee figure that I just got it at a Sunday flea market 2 weeks back.
Height : 5cm

This is even more super tiny...
Height : 2cm
Sooooo cute!!! My thumb is even bigger!!!Ha ha

Bruce Lee Chinese books about his life, movies, martial arts.
I do not have the complete set here.
These books are labelled as A, B, C, D ...etc.
I didn't read this book as I'm a bit slow reading Chinese character words.
But I do like the pictures inside these books.

Book about Bruce marital art but I'm missing another copy.
There's 2 part in all.

These are my favourite Bruce Lee books.

The thing about Bruce Lee I remember most is his Nunchaku.
When I was a kid, I kept pestering my mum to get me one.
I didn't get it as it was banned in Singapore at that time.
Not sure about now, though.

Any Bruce's fans out there?


Elise said...

Bruce Lee is a true legend. I can't think of anyone who hasn't tried out his moves at some point in their life xx

astrogalaxy said...

Yeah Elise,
Also remember the yellow suit with black strips!!!