Friday, April 25, 2008

My past few days...

My house is so mess up with books all over the tables, overflooded shelfs, toys on the floor...
I can't even walked properly in my own room!!!
Only myself to blame as I am too lazy and kept putting off to tidying the place.
Time for some house keeping!!!
Have you ever wonder how our library books are kept in order?
Thousands of books returned and loaned daily.
That is everyday non-ending work!
For those of you who are book lovers & collectors, you probably would agreed that books are HEAVY!!!
For the past few days, I was busy shifting my bookshelfs from a room into the living room.
Then I thought of people whom worked at libraries or book stores.
Didn't expect it to be so much hard work.
Many books are different in heights and have to re-adjust the shelvings.
Sometimes when I filled up a section, I realised there's a runaway somewhere else later!!!
It was packed, unpack, put here, put there...
Glad that I'm finally done today.
That's why I think Librarians are great!
My back hurts now and so were my both legs!!!
Talk about legs, I went for a foot reflexlogy for the 1st time on Wednesday, came back thinking my legs is gonna break.
It was so painful!
First and last time for the foot massage... LOL!!! What a experience.
Heart and Pocket pain. Spend money to torture myself...
I would much prefer to go for Thai body massage.
Which I felt really good after the massage.
On Thursday, I went to the post office to collect my PEZ package.
In the afternoon, the postman came and gave me another PEZ package.
So for this whole week this is the best thing that happened to me!
What a Pezzy Day!

Tomorrow I'll be going to IKEA to purchase some addtional shelfs for my toys.
Hope that they do have the shelfs I want in stock!
That's about all that I was doing for about a week.
For the next few days, it's going to be sorting out the toys collectibles and some old files.
So Tired... Tired...tired......


Livingsword said...


I guess this helped to answer the question I left on the earlier article! LOL

When you have that many books they can be exercise for the body as well as for the mind…..

I love Ikea, we have the Billy bookcases…

astrogalaxy said...

Yeah Livingsword,
I like IKEA very much too and all my bookshelfs & storage display cabinets are all from them.