Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ultra Monster Series - Bemlar

Year : Bandai 2007
Ultra Monster Figure Height : Approx. 6" - 7.5"
1st appeared in the 1966 - Ultraman Episode 1 - Ultra Operation

Other Names : Space Monster (宇宙怪獣)
Planet : Star M35 & Monster Graveyard
Weight : 50 m
Height : 25,000t
Type : Kaiju

Brief Brief History : The FIRST monster to appear in the 1966 Ultraman series. Ultraman was chasing Bemlar whom came to earth. While in pursuit, Ultraman collided with Shin Hayata's craft. Shin Hayata was killed. In order to save Hayata, Ultraman bonded with him and gave him a beta capsule for transformation. Together, they defeated Bemlar.

Bemlar fire heat energy beam (blue colour). A very good swimmer by nature and he is able to submerged underwater for long periods. He can travel very fast in a glowing ball building energy up from his body. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ultra Monster Series - Lidorias

Year : Bandai 2001
Ultra Monster Figure Height : Approx. 6" - 7.5"
1st appeared in the 2001 - Ultraman Cosmos Episode 1 - Reunion with the Light

Other Names : Friendly Giant Bird (友好巨鳥)
Planet : Earth
Weight : 48 m
Height : 58,000t
Type : Kaiju

Brief Brief History : Friendly and Peaceful at nature, Lidorias lives in Kapuya Island. Unfortunetely, when Chaos came to earth, Lidorias was infected and transformed into Chaos Lidorias. With the help of Ultraman Cosmos, Lidorias was able to transform back to the original good form.

A flying monster with retractable wings. Attacks with blue energy beam.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ultra Monster Seriers - Chaos Parastan Substance

ULTRA MONSTER SERIES - Chaos Parastan Substance
Year : Bandai 2001
Ultra Monster Figure Height : Approx. 6" - 7.5"
1st appeared in the - Ultraman Cosmos

Other Names : Chaos Parastan S
Planet : -
Weight : -
Height : -
Type : Kaiju

Brief Brief History : Chaos Header infected the Parastan (Alien) and while fighting, changed again into the form of Chaos Parastan Substance.

Chaos Parastan Substance was actually a Parastan that looks like Cleopatra before she was forcefully infected and leading to this change in form.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ultra Monster Series - Chaos Header Everlease

ULTRA MONSTER SERIES - Chaos Header Everlease
Year : Bandai 2001
Ultra Monster Figure Height : Approx. 6" - 7.5"
1st appeared in the - Ultraman Cosmos Episode 1

Other Names : Chaos Header Iblis
Planet : Unknown
Weight : Varies
Height : Varies
Type : Kaiju (Monster) / Entity / Spirit

Brief Brief History : Chaos Header can infect monsters and turn them into scary forms.

He is powerful and emits fire blast attacks, infecting other monsters and people. Infected victims usually have red eyes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ultra Monster Series - Eleking

Year : Bandai 2000
Ultra Monster Figure Height : Approx. 6" - 7.5"
1st appeared in the 1967 - Ultraseven, Episode 3 - The Secret of the Lake.

Other Names : Space Monster (宇宙怪獣)
Planet : Pitt, Earth and Boris
Weight : 25,000 tons
Height : 53 m
Type : Kaiju (Monster)

Brief Brief History :  In the Ultraseven first appearance, Eleking was raised by the two twin sisters from the Alien Pitt race whom wanted to come and take over Planet Earth.

Eleking started off as a tadpole look alike weighing about 50g under the care of the aliens. Powerful and strong tail attacks, Eleking also uses electrical powers to defeaat his opponents.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ultra Monster Series - Mons-Ahgar

Year : Bandai 2007
Ultra Monster Figure Height : Approx. 6" - 7.5"
1st appeared in the 1996 - Ultraman Dyna, Episode 11 - The Phantom Shooting Star.

Other Names : Monsarger / Destructive Beast (破壊獣)
Planet : Meranie
Weight : 68,000 tons
Height : 65 m
Type : Kaiju (Monster)

Brief Brief History : Mons-Ahgar also known as Monsarger was created by aliens to eliminate other aliens.

Mons-Ahgar can attack using fireballs by charging up from his body. His most vulnerable part is the top part of this head (Blue area). He is able to block off most beam rays attack of his body because of his very thick and dense skin.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ultra Monster Series - Geranda

Year : Bandai 2007
Ultra Monster Figure Height : Approx. 6" - 7.5"
1st appeared in the 1998 - Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna : Warriors of the Star Light.

Other Names : Space Winged Bone Beast (宇宙有翼骨獣)
Planet : Monera
Weight : 62,000 tons
Height : 54 m
Type : Kaiju (Monster)

This was the first monster I brought from the Ultra Monster Series on the Christmas eve 2014 and later the same day, I also found another one which was the No. 13 Mons-Ahgar. Which I'll post it on another post. I haven't been and I admit really neglecting this blog. Old now, getting tired easily these day. LOL! (I'm just lazy.) I had the smaller ones that were pack together with the Ultraman which I brought many years back. I prefer the Ultra Monster Series though. The figures are bigger and looks cool! To some they may look, hmm... ugly or scary or weird, nevermind, it's really cool to me. I just like them very much. So far, I've collected 68 of them. I hope to be able to do more posts on these ultraman and monsters if time permits. I enjoy reading the history of these monsters and they have quite a long history starting out since 1966.

Brief Brief History : Geranda was used by the very intelligent monera aliens in their attempt to take over Planet Earth.

Geranda has strong bones, retractable wings, able to fly and also attacks with fireballs. Not forgetting his powerful claws too.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Who you gonna call?

Lego Ideas 21108 Ghostbuster Ecto-1
Pieces : 508
MF : 4
Year : 2014
Simply fantastic set. Highly detail for it's scale. This is the first lego set that got my full 10/10 marks for the lego survey.

Manual with sense of humor! I just love everything about this set. From the box design, the instruction booklet, the building process, the lego elements, box size and most important is no stickers. The Ghostbuster logo is printed.
Everything is AWESOME! (Sounds like lego movie???)

Dual face minifigure for dual fun! Love the expression!

Ok, end of the post. I keep getting the Ghostbuster song ringing in my mind now. lol. I'm off to go listen to the song now.