Sunday, August 17, 2014

Who you gonna call?

Lego Ideas 21108 Ghostbuster Ecto-1
Pieces : 508
MF : 4
Year : 2014
Simply fantastic set. Highly detail for it's scale. This is the first lego set that got my full 10/10 marks for the lego survey.

Manual with sense of humor! I just love everything about this set. From the box design, the instruction booklet, the building process, the lego elements, box size and most important is no stickers. The Ghostbuster logo is printed.
Everything is AWESOME! (Sounds like lego movie???)

Dual face minifigure for dual fun! Love the expression!

Ok, end of the post. I keep getting the Ghostbuster song ringing in my mind now. lol. I'm off to go listen to the song now.

Monday, August 12, 2013


I had always wanted to do a post about Zoids. But somehow, I just seem to never get about posting it. Posting this, it's like walking down a memory lane. I had only one Zoids figure when I was a child. It was a Zoids 003 - Barigator (Crocodile Type). Unfortunately, I do not have that figure as my cousin damaged it back then. Shattered on the floor, split into many pieces, many parts went flying all over the place, a few parts was never found. I was sad for a long time as I've save up for that figure for quite some time. I was maybe in primary 5 or 6 at that time. That was my one and only Zoid from childhood. Later when I was in my twenties, I started collecting Zoids, it was year 2002. How quickly time passes! I don't see any Zoids now in the local department stores anymore but I did spot some at Simply Toys and also at the China Square Sunday market.  Zoids are interesting when they move. I enjoy building and painting them. I usually didn't apply decals to the models. Zoids models looks good and detailed straight out from the box. Most of which I just simply do some dry brushing and the models looks really good enough on display.

Tomy Zoids 002 - GuySack (Scorpion)

Tomy Zoids 006 - Molga (Insect)

Tomy Zoids 011 - Hel Digunner (Iguana Type)

Tomy Zoids 012 - Brachios (Brachiosauraus)

Tomy Zoids 013 - Cannon Tortoise (Tortoise)

Tomy Zoids 014 - Godos (Dinosaur)

Tomy Zoids 015 - Iron Kong (Gorilla)

Tomy Zoids 018 - Saicurtis (Beetle)

Tomy Zoids 019 - Double Sworder (Stag Beetle)

Tomy Zoids 027 - Rev Rapter (Velociraptor)

Tomy Zoids 032 - Sinker (Ray)

Tomy Zoids 043 - Spinosapper (Spinosaurus Type R2)

Tomy Zoids 044 - Zabat (Bat)

Tomy Zoids 045 - Salamander (Pterosaur)

Tomy Zoids 046 - Shadow Fox (Fox)

Tomy Zoids 047 - Maccurtis (Crawfish)

Tomy Zoids 056 - Hammer Rock (Gorilla)

Tomy Zoids 058 - Megaleon (Chameleon)

Tomy Zoids 061 - Killer Dome (Crab)

Tomy Zoids 068 - Storch (Archaeopteryx)

The Zoids Blox is a series released in 2001. I actually don't quite like it except for the Nightwise Owl figure. I find the models quite difficult in posing. The main body is usually connected using a series of small cube blocks. Blox series does not have motorised function.

Tomy Zoids Blox - D.A. Lizards

Tomy Zoids Blox BZ 005 - Flyscissors (Chimera)

Tomy Zoids Blox BZ 004 - Nightwise (Owl)

Tomy Zoids Blox BZ 006 - Shellkarn (Chimera)

Tomy Zoids Blox BZ 016 - Scissorstorm (Chimera)