Monday, March 31, 2008

Tomy Nadsat Bearbrick Dispensers

Brand : Tomy / Medicom Toy
Model : NADSAT : Bearbrick
Height : 13 cm (including bearbrick)
Diameter of tube '; 2cm

Basic operation as follows :
PULL out the bear head!
STUFF balls into it!
PUSH back the head!
PRESS the bear!
OUTPUT candy balls!
Ain't it scary??? Aha...

When I brought this bearbrick dispenser, the candy had already expired in 2004.
So I don't know what the candy tastes like.
It seems that there is a total of 5 Nadsat bearbrick dispenser.
Now I regret not getting a blue one I saw the other day...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Candy Toys from Singapore

Updated Post on 9 December 2009

Since I've brought this Candy Toys in Singapore.
I've named my post Candy Toys from Singapore.
The make is actually from China.
I wanted to split all these candy toys into different post for future updated.
To think that I am so confused sorting out these...Aha, must be old already!

Most of the candy listed here are from "Candy Fun".
Make : China
Size of Candy Tube : 14 cm height, 1cm dia
Candy Toys Size : Approx. 9cm height

Candy Toy truck can also be use as coin bank


When I opened this Ice Cream, I was surprised to find a toy inside.

Press the yellow button, the inside egg would spin to reveal different characters.

Water Gun

Whistling Frog

Overloaded airplane...

Basketball court!!! Aha, another childhood game.

Pull the tiny blue dot and the figure would skate one round the loop.

Big Mouth Frog

A Pink Rabbit with flag label "X", "O".

Football Bear with raising hand

Cling-Clang, Cling Clang... What a noise little Monkey!

Head turning Elephant

Whistling Bird

Happy Family, a little squeezy but I think they do fine!!!

Thomas the Tank Engine

Finally, I'm done with all my candy toys.
Hope I didn't bored you with all these candy hobby of me!

Post Additions on 9 December 2009

Thomas The Train Candy

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Candy Toys & Dispensers

Updated Post on 27 February 2009

This section will feature some candies from different countries.
Including some Candy related collectibles.
I will also update in this post whenever I have some new candy addition or candy related stuffs.
Some are repeated from my previous candy post with photos retaken.

This is not a dispenser, it's a handphone strap.
The Lollipop is only about 1cm dia. Very small.
It's a free gift for buying 5 chupa chups.

M&M Sports series.
I brought this at a toy store.
But I suspect this set of M&M might be fake!

Candy Dispensers :
Micro Wizard from Australia.

A Plastic little dispenser that I had never put any candy inside.

A Jelly bean dispenser. This is my favourite brand of jelly beans too!!!

Tweety Gummy container. Opening at the hat.

Candies made in Japan :

The chocolates inside this is nice.
Despite that I've just ate some expired chocolates!!!

Aha, luckily did not have stomachache.

Candies made in Thailand :

Not sure what's inside, probably Cola taste candies.
I didn't open this as it would spolit the can.
Size : 3 cm height

A Whistling little bird

Spin the mouth and eyes would turn!!!

I find these Thailand candies too sweet. Maybe it's more for kids...

Post Additions on 27 February 2009 :
Pokemon Candy mini dispenser
Make : Subarudo / Nintendo
Year : 2008
The dispenser is only 8.5cm in height w/o the Pokemon.
Not sure if this is a complete set.
Couldn't find informations about it on the web.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Candy Toys from Malaysia

Brand : Good Boy
Distributor : RICO Food
Made : Malaysia
Size of Candy Tube : Dia - 2cm, Height - 10cm
Toy sizes : Varies but huge
Note : Due to the large size of the toy, the dispenser cannot stand by itself!!!

I was at Malaysia a couple of months back looking for PEZ instead I found some Candy Toys.
When I saw a full trays of display of different types at a tibits shop,
I immediately took a liking to a Blue Dinosaur.
You will the picture when you scroll down later.

The toy is connected to the candy tube via a metal spring.
It can be easily detached.
Candy inside the tube is the candy picture you have seen at the top.
Little stars candy!!! I find the colours very sweet looking.

Colourful Cow (19cm). With winding at the back, able to walk.

Little Crabby (18cm). Pull the stings at the side hidden under the legs, the yellow starfish on top would spin.

Fish (18cm) . Pull the stings and the wheels would roll.

Elephant (12cm). Pull strings and the back would light up and moving legs.

Blue Dinosaur (14cm). Pull string and wheels at the bottom will move.

UFO (14cm). Stings at back, pull it and the top would spin with flashing lights and bottom wheels turn.

Water Game (10cm). Press the green button and the rings inside would float around. Get it inside the stand. What a childhood remembrance game!

2 in 1, Jackpot & water game (10 cm)

Back of the Jackpot is the water game.

Police car (15 cm)

Truck (19cm)

Army Helicopter (17cm). Pull spring and header would spin.

Digger Truck (13cm).

For the next couple of days, I will be posting some more about Candy Toys and PEZ.
Hope you'll like it!!!