Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year

Wishing all a Happy Lunar New Year 2009.
This year is the year of the OX.
I was at Chinatown just now and done up a post on my another blog.
Please click here if you'll like to visit.!

Lunar New Year Chinatown 2009

I was at Chinatown a few hours ago.
Last minute decision, so I didn't bring my camera.
The pictures you see here were taken using my handphone camera.
Went there to see if there's anything for this year lunar new year and also have my favourite chicken rice for dinner.
I find that this year, there are lesser stalls and so are the people.
Probably due to this bad economy downturn.
But it is still a nice place to visit during the lunar new year.
I noticed that the vendors this year like to say :
"Free sample, come try... don't walk so fast, come try..."
The "don't walk so fast" sentence got my attention!
Then I started to notice, business seems quite a challenge this year.
Most people are just walking, looking around..empty handed.
Not much purchasing this year, I guessed.
Tomorrow it will be the last day, on the eve of lunar new year.
There will be a TV live celebration there with countdown to the coming year.
Afterwhich, more people are expected to go there after midnight.
Stall vendors would try to sell off everything, then packed up, and clear out by early morning.

Lots of stalls are now selling Taiwan products like mochi, candies, soft jelly...etc.
As compared to last year, this year's price is probably about 20%-40% cheaper.

Typical look of Chinese new year decorating stalls.

Chinese calligraphy writtings.
You can request this man to write auspicious chinese characters words at different prices.
Many believe that sticking this red paper on the house doors, walls...etc is auspicious during the new year.

I would like to wish you all who are visiting my blog a very HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!
May all be in good health and have a smooth ride in the OX year 2009!
Gong Xi Fa Cai! 恭喜发财

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trexi We All Speak Football

Trexi Coca Cola We All Speak Football 2006 series
Released Date : May 2006
These Trexi does not have a name. Only the designer name is listed.
Each also comes with a removable Coca Cola bottle like the Better Tomorrow Trexi series.
This series does not come in a blind box.
What you see on the box art is what you get inside.
Each has a specific indivdual designed box.

Designer : Danny Chan, Winson Ma, Touma

Touma Trexi is quite special.
The box has a detachable paper cap which can be fix to the Trexi.

Designer : Jim Koch, Mori Chack, Darren Gan

Designers : Eleven 18, Huck Gee, Kei Sawada

Designers : Jeremyville, Rolito, Ultraman

This Ultraman design Trexi has a very nice backpack.
It's of my favourites Trexi in this series.

Designers : Huang Tzu Chiao, Furi Furi

Designers : Yonia Airene, Devilrobots, Sam Fout

Designers : LAB., Tim Tsui, Koa

Designers : DGPH, Erwin Weber, Tracy Tubera

Designers : Jon Burgerman, MCA

Checklist of Coca Cola - We all speak Football 2006
Total : 25
Danny Chan / HongKong
Darren Gan / Singapore
Devil Robots / Japan
DGPH / Argentina
Eleven 18 / Malaysia
Erwin Weber / Netherlands
Furi Furi / Japan
Huang Tzu Chiao / Taiwan
Huck Gee / USA
Jeremyville / Australia
Jim Koch / USA
Jon Burgeraaah / UK
Kei Sawada / Japan
KOA / France
LAB. / Singapore
Mori Chack / Japan
Rolito / France
Sam Fout / USA
Tim Tsui / Hong Kong
Touma / Japan
Tracy Tubera / USA
Ultraman / Hong Kong
Winson Ma / Hong Kong
Yonia Airene / Singapore

For other Trexi in Series, Designers Series and Coca Cola Better Tomorrow Trexi, please click on my blog sidebar link under Vinyl Toys.
If anyone has blogs or infos about Trexi, please feel free to drop in a comment and give me the link. Thanks!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trexi Designers

Updated Post on 11 February 2009

These Trexi has their own unique packaging and what you see is what you get.
Most of the Trexi here does not come in blind assortment unless otherwise stated.

Master Q 45th Anniversary Trexi Boxset
Released Date : June 2008
Designer : Old Master Q
Left to Right : Mr Qin, Big Potato, Lao Fu Zi, Chin and Miss Chen

Lao Fu Zi comics was the very first comics I read when I was a kid.
I still enjoy reading them now.

Andox Trexi
Released Date : July 2007
Designer : Andy Lau (Concept), Danny Chan, Ultraman / Hong Kong
Size : 1.5" Trexi
There is also a 10" Trexi Andox version.

Butt Bear Trexi
Released Date : January 2006
Designer : Darren Gan
These butt bears are quite cute.
They actually comes with a little writting card that hangs out like a keychain, it's removable.
Each Butt Bear Trexi has a different wordings at the head.
Butt Bear Pink - I... LOVE... YOU.
Butt Bear Blue - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Butt Bear Red - I LOVE YOU TOO!
Butt Bear Yellow - THINKING OF YOU...

Boner Xmas Freeze
Released Date : December 2005
Designer : Darren Gan / Singapore
Limited to 1,000 pcs
This is my favourite among all Darren Gan designed Trexi.

Mickey Huang Trexi
Released Date : September 2006
Designer : Mickey Huang Tzu Chiao 黃子佼 / Taiwan

Motug White
Released Date : July 2005
Designer : Motug, NYC Lase / USA
A San Diego Comic-Con 2005 Exclusive (SDCC 2005)
Motug = Monsters of the UndaGround.
This Trexi comes in a "blind pack".
There are 2 version, one white and one black.
Black one is more rare, diffcult to get.

Grandpa and Grandma - Brothersfree Boxset
Released Date : September 2005
Designer : Brothersfree - Kenny Wong / Hong Kong
Special limited edition of 999.

Chinese New Year Trexi and Chinese New Year Gold Trexi
Released Date : 2006
Designer : Darren Gan / Singapore

Valentine's Day Trexi
Released Date : February 2006
Designer : Darren Gan / Singapore
Valentine's Day Purple Cupid, Valentine's Day Blue, Valentine's Day Pink and Valentine's Day Red Cupid
For the Purple and Red Cupid Valentine's Trexi ONLY. The box packaging is the "SAME".
So is either one of the 2 colour you get in a blind box.

Touma Knuckle Bear (Waver)
Released Date : September 2006
Designer : Touma / Japan

Touma - We all speak football
Released Date : May 2006
Designer : Touma / Japan
Size : 10"

10" and 3" Touma Trexi
The 3" Trexi is able to fit into the inner head compartment of a 10" Trexi.

3" Touma Trexi

Post Additions on 11 February 2009 :
TRIUMVIR V-3 Sour Punch
Released Date : September 2006
Designer : Vaness Wu 吴建豪 / Taiwan

ODM Tim Yap
Released Date : July 2006
Designer : (For ODM)

ODM Scribbles
Released Date : October 2006
Designer : (For ODM)

Cold Day in Hell
Released Date : March 2006
Designer : Joe Ledbetter / USA
This is another of my favourite Trexi from Joe Ledbetter.
I find his designs very COOL!