Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Dream Holiday ! Rancho Obi Wan House

Updated Post on 5th July 2008 - Added Steve photo.

Where would you like to go for your next holidays ?
Go on a shopping spree ? HongKong, USA, Korea, Japan ?
or a relaxing beach at Maldives ?
Or maybe the exotic lands of Tibet, Egypt ?
As for me, I very much would like to visit is the the "Rancho Obi Wan" .
When I saw those snapshots of his collection, I went crazy……………….
I don't think it is open to public for visiting. You need to be invited to be there.
Some lucky guys were being invited there, I wonder how ?
Any tips for me?
Aha...or sneak me in!!! Just Kidding!

I found this photo on the web. I think it's a very COOL picture.
Credits : Photographer unknown.It probably belongs to Steve.

He's name is Steve J. Sansweet.
Written a lot of Star Wars books too.
He's massive collection of Star Wars will make any Star Wars drool.
He has everything from Action Figures, Dolls, Lightsabers, Lifesize Figures, Lego, Books…etc.
Anything to do with Star Wars, you name it, I think he's got it.
Visit "www.starwars.com" and you will see some pretty cool pictures of his house.
Must see, you must ! May The Force Be With You !

Monday, September 25, 2006

Organizing Star Wars Toys

For many of you whom had been collecting Star Wars, we all know it will be going on and on….
Storage of the toys could be quite a problem.
There will always be something that will catch our eyes and we will buy it.
But when we bring it home, we need a place to put it.
I started out putting my collection into carton boxes.
But I find it rather tedious whenever I wanted to get something out to see.
Also I sometimes do not know which box contains what toys.
Ended up having to take eveything out for a search of an R2-D2.
So, after all the mess, I decided to get some shelvings.
The shelvings need not be expensive, solid wood types.
As the toys are usually not very heavy.
Like the Gorm shelves they are selling at IKEA will be nice and sturdy.
Next, will be the arrangement of the shelves.
Usually depends on what type of collections you have.
It will be good to pre-plan the distance between your shelfs.
Later adjustments will be quite tedious and difficult.
Especially if the room is small and space is a constraint.
So fix the distance and let's hope that we won’t need to change it.

I used those PVC plastic (for wrapping books) to pack my action figures into a 6 piece set.
As shown in my picture, I find it quite convient to view it together.
But try not to pack more than 6 as the PVC will become quite filmsy and hard to handle.

When wrapping, do not wrap too tight or too loose.
Too tight will cause your action figures cardboard to warp.
Sometimes the PVC plastic will also shrink due to hot weather.
So, it will be a good idea to constantly check on it.
If wrapping too loose, your figures will start to tilt here and there. Overlapping each other.

For some to the figures cardbox that has a unique rounded shape.
Like the "Revenge of the Sith" series.
It will be hard to pack then together.
Instead, buy mini storage boxes.
Brought mine at Daiso -$2.
Like those in the pictures.
Can also used plastic bags to wrap individual for protection of the figures.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Setting Up Webpage

Got a very bad headache last night.
Might be due to thinking too much about Star Wars.
Now it's much better after 2 panadol and 1 ice pack.
There is so much that I want to do that I ended up doing nothing.
Thought of getting my own domain.
But I'm still confused as to how to go about it.
Like which domain web hoisting to use ?
How to set up ?
Chosing a domain name ?
Creating the web pages ? Is it difficult ?
Which software to use ?
How much it cost to set up ?
See….. I'm lost.
Anyone there to give me some pointers ?

Toys, Toys, Toys !!!

Does it ever occur to you that toys could well make you broke ! Signed.
Almost every Star Wars toys I could set me eyes on, I wanted to own ! I spent so much that I've bursted my toys money budget for at least a year. So for the next few months, I think I better stay home !
I started seriously collecting these only in May 2006. Imagine all the stuff that I've already missed when all the 6 episodes were in movies. The popcorn cups, newspaper reviews, movies collectibles toys...etc. Can you imagine ! That is alot alot of miss out !!!!
So to make up for all my lost time, I went on a crazy search for Star Wars Collectibles.
Almost everyday, I would go to a toys shop or departmental stores to look for Star Wars after work.
Now I currently own :
Mini Lightsaber - 9
Figures w/ Playset, Scenes - 25
Twin Figures or Figures w/ creatures - 14
Single Action Figures - 108
12" Doll Figures - 19
6" Doll Figures - 2
1/7 scale Vinyl Figures - 3
Galactic Mini Figures Twin Set - 10
Vehicles - 4
Titanium Die Cast Vehicles - 12
Micro Machines Figures - 17
Micro Machines Playsets - 10
Action Fleet Vehicles & Playsets - 10
Lego - 4
Autograph - 2
Misc Star Wars Collections (keychains, bobble heads, Burger King Cups, Watch, Electronic Games, Poster, Pez, Pin, Games..etc ) - 49
The above was the result of my 4 months of Star Wars madness.......
I ended up having to buy three IKEA wooden shelvings to display my collection.
These toys are rather bulk and takes up alot of space.
So you can actually imagine how messy my whole house was.
I'm thinking of taking some pictures and post it up soon.
Some of the toys are really cool.
Some are funny, like the potato head of Darth Vader.
Some are scary.
Anyway, I like them all the same !!!!
May the Force Be With You.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where is my Universe ?

I have been wanting to do my very own blog for a very very long time.
Not so long as George Lucas Star Wars Movie but.... Just kidding.
Currently into Star Wars movies, toys, collectibles...etc.
Any Star Wars mania out there ? It would be nice to chat with Star wars fans.