Tuesday, September 30, 2008

30 Posts in 30 Days!

Aha...for the first time, I've completed a post daily for a month.

Out for a little snack now...

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Monday, September 29, 2008


Updated Post on 1st October 2008

Gremlins (1984)
Director : Joe Dante
Executive Producer : Steven Spielberg
Producer : Micheal Finnell
Written : Chris Columbus
Main Cast : Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates

Gremlins 2 (1990)
Director : Joe Dante
Producer : Micheal Finnell and Rick Baker
Written : Charles S. Hass
Main Cast : Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates

My favourite movie of all time.
Some movie when I watched as kids, I might not like it years later.
But I do very much like Gremlin 1 more, that's the best!!!

PVC Gremlins Collectibles :
Kotobukiya Gremlins

A set of 5 plus 1 special(Gremlins on Dartboard)
Theme : One Coin Figure Series
Year : 2006

Oh dear... I've misplace the gamer's machine!!!
So sad... hopefully I can really find it (if it's still in the house!)

Gremlin on dartboard

Soft and Cuddly Plush :
Gremlin Gizmo Soft Toy
Year : 1996

Gizmo Soft Toy
Notice the ear is different from the above Gremlin?

Post Addition on 1st October 2008 :
I found this Gizmo today and is most impressed with his singing.
I'll try to post a video clip of Gizmo singing if I can successfully learn how to post a video clip...

Make : Neca
Year : 2004

Gremlins WARNING :
Avoid Bright Lights!
Don't Feed Them After Midnight!
Don't ever get them WET!
Oh well, if all else fail!
We probably know all the consequences...


Sunday, September 28, 2008

CI Boys

Updated Post on 16 October 2008, 17 November 2008

CI Boys
Make : Itrangers Lab Ltd
CI Boys, also known as "Naughty Boys".
These are rather cute looking mini collectibles.

CI Boys Monster Series 3
Total of 10 + 2 special in this series.
A set with Deri as the main character only.

Deri Sea Monster

Deri Hellkeeper

Deri Zombie

Deri Devil 666

Deri Vampire

Deri Cat Evil

Deri Big Foot

Deri River Beast

Deri Spooky Wolf

Deri Mummy

CI Boys Series 3.5 - Go West
Red Babe

This CI Boy was given free with purchase of a Toy Magazine.

Many other characters were released.
Now, CI boys has a total of 9 different characters :
Deri - A rebel against everything.
Nomi - A destroyer of things that annoy him.
Hiro - Look's tough but is actually fragile.
Poka - The Pessimistic one!
Go - IT gadgets craze.
Migu - Most relaxed guy.
To-7 - Mr shy guy, very timid character.
X-Cite - Love to challenge. Extreme gamer.
Uni - Considered the happiest among the boys.

Post Additions on 16 October 2008 :
CI Boys - Series 2 - Animal Series
Year : 2002

Post Additions on 17 November 2008 :
CI Boys - Series 2 - Animal Series
Year : 2002

CI Boys - Series 2 - Animal Series
Year : 2002

CI Boys - Series 2 - Animal Series
Year : 2002

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gundam - Haro

Haro is from Gundam Anime.
Haro is a robot companion built by Gundam's main character - Amuro Ray.
It can speak a little and has the ability to hover in air by flapping its ears.
Haro in Gundam anime is about the size of a baseball.

Mini Haro Collection :
Make : Bandai
Ist released in 2003
If close the ear of Haro, each round haro has a diameter of 3cm.
Haro height with display stand is about 4.5cm.
Haro comes in a little box and you can't see which one is inside.
Some stores do actually open it up for sale.
Which I think is very good, so I won't get duplicate ones.
My collection is not in a complete set.
I usually only pick up those I find adorable.
(Though I'm regretting not buying the 1st edition complete set...)
There is about 10 different sets of Haro if I'm not wrong.
If 12 Haro x 10 sets, there's about 120 Haro to collect!!!
Wah...stress ah!!!
A tiny rubber is attached to the display stand.
When you put the Haro on it after sometime, it'll stick on the Haro.
Preventing Haro from falling all over the place.

Haro 2003 : 1st Edition
Total of 12 different Haro in this series.
These are some of the Haro from the 1st released.
I've only 5 out of 12.
If you already have a complete set, you are really lucky.
Because it is now very very hard to find...

Haro 2004 (Pink Box) :
Total of 12 different Haro in this series.

Artist Puffy Haro

Number 4 Haro

Animal Haro

Mobile Suit Haro

Mimic Haro

Solid Orange Haro

Haro 2004 (Blue Box) :
Total of 12 different Haro in this series.

Animal Haro

Mobile Suit Haro

Pattern Haro

Mobile Suit NT1 Alex Haro

Mobile Suit Haro

Artist Haro

This is a bigger haro.
It can be open into halve with a gundam figuring inside.

Cute Haro Coin Bank