Saturday, September 12, 2015

STGCC 2015

2015 STGCC (Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention)
Location : Sands Expo & Convention, Marina Bay Sands Hall B & C Level 1
Date : 12 - 13 September 2015
Tickets :  S$19/1day or S$28/2days

Very well organised and orderly queue.

Eager fans, waiting to enter the exhibition halls, including me! Haha... I'm rushing to the Simply Toys Booth for the exclusive Astro Boy Pop Vinyl and others.

Cool and big Transformers! I stared at them for very long because my queue for Funko Pop vinyls started here and didn't move much for a long time. Then it went one round to the back of their booth and then out again. However, I feel that Simply Toys did a great job in organizing the queue and ensured no one jump queue. Thumbs Up! If you are visiting this exhibition and a Funko Pop collector, go check out their booth.

This is the first time seeing this toy line - Hero Cross. Looks good too.

The last time I attended STGCC was in 2009. Time really passed fast... five years already.
The reason I went this year was the due to the power of the funko pop vinyls exclusive.
I was glad to see many different new toyline at the event.
I like the Hero Cross and also the Star Wars egg attack toy line.

Very Cute Minion.

Interesting name!

Life sized figures - Guardian of the Galaxy!
Groot : "A flower for you!"

Visit this booth, they have very creative drawings printed on T-shirts.

Finally saw one Ultraman on display.

Convention would not be complete without Doraemon!


I see huge star wars sign, the music enters my mind! LOL!

Hmmm... so many people and not even one try to rescue me out of this arcylic box.

The force is strong.

Planning escape route tonight.

Ant Man! Very stylo milo!

Wherever there is Iron Man, there's always a crowd. Tony Stark must have lots of charm.

Amazing range of display of Hot Toys. Bravo!!

Was Han Solo ever so serious in the Star Wars episodes? 

Arale Norimaki

Bruce Lee cosplay, not bad!

Cool pose, what else!

Everyone's seem to be attracted to the strong magnetic force from the floating Iron Man.

Ultra Monsters and Ultra Man!!!!!

X-Wing Fighter and Stormtrooper will go shopping one!

Huge Great Display. AWESOME!!!

Zombie Bearbrick Invasion!

Ha... these zombies does not know the power of the force!

Cool Lego MOC + Ghostbusters and their zombies. One of my favourite display.

In or Out, pack with lots and lots of people.

Overview, It's a fun event. I did not go to any autograph signing session this year though there are a few I would really like to have an autograph from them. I was too tired after queuing for the POP vinyls. New toy lines and new/old toys were for sale from different vendors. Everywhere bursting with people and most people busy snapping photographs of the cool toy displays. Lots of cosplayers around, they are very friendly and gladly lets you take their photo too. Tomorrow, it's the last day, so if you're in Singapore, it's worth a visit!