Monday, December 28, 2009

LEGO 10179 Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon LEGO - 10179
w/ Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Han Solo and Obi-Wan Kenobi
Theme : Ultimate Collector's
Year : 2007
Box Size : 66 x 49 x 20 cm
LEGO Size : 84 x 56 x 21 cm (L x W x H)
Pieces : 5195
Movie : IV, V & VI

I've finally brought the 10179!
I was like thinking and thinking over it for 2 whole years...price factor...!
Released in 2007, Millennium Falcon is now my favourite collectible for 2009.
Had thought I would have a lot to say about this set but I'm stuck with words since this afternoon...Mind blocked!LOL!

LEGO carton box that hold 1 box of 10179.

Fun Facts of LEGO 10179 Millennium Falcon :

1) This set is the Biggest Lego Star Wars model.

2) It has a 311 page LEGO instruction manual.

3) Only 9,999 people whom has Pre-Ordered this though recevied a "First Edition Certificate of Authenticity".... (Wow...the lucky ones!)

4) During the preview production stage, LEGO group brought this model to a local swimming pool w/ a sauna and put the model in to test for heat reaction.

5) The Millennium Falcon cockpit can seat 4 LEGO minifigures in perfect scale.

6) This 10179 LEGO set weighs 24 pounds.

7) October 2009, LEGO announced that the production run for 10179 Millennium Falcon has stopped.

This is the current wallpaper I'm using on my computer now.
The Millennium Falcon free wallpaper can be download from official lego website.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

LEGO Motorized Walking AT-AT

Motorized Walking AT-AT 10178
w/ Luke Skywalker, General Veers, AT-AT Driver and Snowtrooper
Theme : Star Wars 30th Anniversary
Year : 2007
Box Size : 57 x 38 x 7 cm
AT-AT Lego Size : 36 x 30 cm (LxH)
Pieces : 1,137
Movie : Episode V

Apart from the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars movies, AT-AT is my 2nd favourite Star Wars tranport vehicle.
I could still remember the scenes I've watched in the movie when I was a little kid.
The giantic AT-AT slowing moving in snow, firing away...
All the action pack!! Hard to forget!

This motorized AT-AT is able to walk forward or backward with head movements too.
Found a video on youtube of AT-AT walking on snow which I've attached at the end of this post. I think it's very cool to have AT-AT filmed outdoor in the snow.

Batteries not included!
AT-AT would requires 6 AA (1.5V) batteries.

Includes Motor and Battery box.

YouTube Video by : Kiwomens

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Monday, December 21, 2009

STGCC 2009

Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009
Date : 14 - 16 August 2009
Location : Suntec City Hall 401 & 402, Singapore
Event Planner : PI Events

How time files...I am like 4 months late posting this up...heehee.
I was at the event for 2 days.
This year, it's bigger and have much more variety of exhibitors and collections.
Lots of people, lots of toys, lots of events/shows...etc. all in all it was a fun place to visit.

Otaku House Booth

Life-sized Iron Man!

Simply Toys booth

Figures are very nicely displayed!

Lovely Blythe!

Great efforts into putting Blythe in the most beautiful pose! Applause!

Ddung dolls

Toys R Us / Hasbro
Selling Transformers, Star Wars and Comic Con exclusive.

Another huge R2D2 sightings!

BaiDai Booth
Very COOL looking Gundam figure with capsule machine fix in the body!

Wonderland for capsule fans!

I always admire those who are able to draw!
This guy simply drew out a very beautiful anime character in a few minutes! Wow!


Our Dark Knight Hero...

Takashimaya Booth with a rack full of Bakugans!

The Egyptians sets has me drooling over till now...haha.

Love this series of Playmobile!

Tokidoki booth

Artist's autographing!

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Star Wars 501st Legion Singapore Garrison Booth
They were holding a fund-raising event, donating all proceeds to the Make-A-Wish foundation (Singapore).

Look who's making it rounds at the STGCC!
It's a life-sized R2D2.

The COOL one!

Walk-A-Like! LOL!

This is a cute one!

Stuffs I've brought at the STGCC 2009 this year.
There are no details of the STGCC 2010 yet.
But I am very much looking forward to the event.