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Doraemon Characters


NOBI Family :
House of Nobi (野比)
Occupants : Nobita's Father, Mother, Nobita and Doraemon
Nobita's room in on the 2nd level with the window facing the front of the house.
In the anime, you'll often see Nobita and Doraemon flying out of the windows using the bamboo-copter.

Doraemon (ドラえもん)
A future robotic cat send back in time by Nobita's grandson's grandson to help Nobita.
Doraemon is fun loving, kind, friendly.
He is always a big friend to Nobita and help him in many ways using his fourth dimensional pocket, which is full of futuristic gadgets.
Most of the gadgets were brought by Doraemon from the future departmental store.
Doraemon gets angry and very agitated when strangers says he looked like a Raccoon.

Doraemon Vital Statistic
Birthday : 3 September 2112
Birthplace : Matsushiba Robot Factory (マツシバロボット工場)
Weighs : 129.3 kg
Measured : 129.3 cm
Height : 129.3 cm
Favourite Food : Dorayaki (どら焼き). It is a japanese pancake filled with red bean.
Weakpoint : Pull his balloon tail and system in Doraemon will be shut off.

Doraemon and his time travel machine

The passage through time is using Nobita's study desk.

Original looks of Doraemon is yellow.
How Doraemon turns BLUE and how he lost his ears....
I'll post it in another post.

Dorami (ドラミ)
Doraemon Sister
Dorami is about 2 years younger than Doraemon.
They are considered siblings because they were both using the same kind of energy oil from a same can.
As spoken by the Scientist that made Doraemon and Dorami.
The energy oil used in both the siblings will become stagnant and better quality oil will sink to the bottom of the can.
Thus, it is said that Dorami is a more efficient and better quality robot because she was made later than Doraemon.
(Or Doraemon was made first using the top layer of energy oil, Dorami was made later and used the bottom higher quality oil.)
The Scientist made a red ribbon bow for Dorami that look like ears because he knew that Doraemon would feel interior if his sister has ears.
Dorami lives in the 22nd century Tokyo with Nobita's grandson's grandson, Sewashi.

Nobita Nobi (野比 のび太)
Nobita is lazy, unlucky, slow and scores zeros in his test.
Often scolded by his mother to urge him to improve his gradges.
Gets bullied by Gian and Suneo.
Likes Shizuka(静香).
His only talent is sleeping and playing shooting games.
Despite all his flaws, Nobita's is a honest and kind hearted boy.

Nobita, when he was a small boy

Nobisuke Nobi (野比 のび助)
Nobita's Father
Nobisuke is a normal office work salaryman.
Dotes on Nobita and is often seen saving Nobita from his mother wrath.
His ambition is to be an painting artist but he really don't paint very well.
Loves to play golf and often request his wife to let him buy new golf clubs.

Nobita's Father in his younger days (before marriage)

Tamako Nobi (野比 玉子)
Nobita's Mother
A fulltime housewife.
Although she is often seen scolding Nobita but she also does love her son very much.
Because Nobita's lazy attitude has caused him to score zero in almost all his exams, it really hard not to nag him.
Tamako also often asked Nobita to run errands or do some grocery shopping for her, which Nobita dislike.

Nobita's Mother in her younger days (before marriage)

Young Tamako meeting Nobisuke in a park.

Nobita's Grandmother
Nobisuke's mother
She dotes on Nobita very much and gave him many toys including some toys she made herself.
Sadly, she passed away when Nobita was in kindergarten.
As Nobita misses his grandmother dearly.
He requested Doraemon to travel back time to see his grandmother.
Nobita was very happy to see his grandmother again.
His grandmother also believed and acknowledged Nobita is her grown-up grandson.
She wishes was to see how Nobita look when going to school.
So Nobita rushed back in the time travel machine, grab his school bag and return to pose for his grandmother.

Nobisuke (ノビスケ)
Nobita's Son (Future)
Named after Nobita's father.
He is unlike Nobita and is a very good fighter.
Also known to bully Gian and Suneo's son.

Sewashi (セワシ) , Ah Mun
Nobita's Grandson's grandson (In year 2112)
Sewashi owns Doraemon and Dorami.
He is also the one who sends Doraemon back to the past to help Nobita.
Below photo shows Sewashi riding on Doraemon.

Nobisuke younger sister
So far, I've only seen her once in one of the episode where Nobita travel back through time to the park to find out more about his parent.

Nobisuke's brother
Crazy over finding treasures and lives in a very run-down house.
Every new year, he would visit the Nobi family but pretend to forget to give Nobita's redpacket.
(No image yet)

Shizuka Minamoto(源 静香) (JinXiang 静香)
Nobita's classmates and centre of Nobita's affections.
Shizuka is pretty and smart.
Her favourite pastime is bathing.
Dislike piano lessons.

GrownUp Shizuka (Future)
With the help of Doraemon, Nobita's future wife is Shizuka.

Yoshio Minamoto (源義雄)
Shizuka's Father
(Still looking for his photo...)

Shizuka's Mother
Very gentle and pretty.
But sometimes, she arranged too many extra class(piano lesson...etc) for Shizuka.

GODA Family :
Takeshi Goda (剛田 武) (Jaian, Gian)
Classmates of Nobita.
A big bully in the neighbourhood.
Love singing karaoke but his singing is terrible.
Always claim to "borrow" other children's toys and books but never returned them.
His biggest fear is his mother.

Gian's Father
(No Image)

Gian's Mother
Owner of the small local shop.
Always running after Gian to help her look after the shop.

Jaiko (ジャイ子)
Gian's younger sister
Would have been Nobita's future wife if Doraemon had not intervened to help Nobita out.
(No Image yet)

Suneo Honekawa (骨川 スネ夫)
Suneo comes from a very wealthy family.
He loves to show off his wealth, toys and antiques.
Thinks himself to be very handsome.
His secret weakness that was discovered by Nobita - Suneo still wet his bed and need to wear diapers when sleeping.
Suneo is always seen in the anime to gang up with Gian to bully Nobita.

Suneo's Father
Very busy businessman.
Usually appears only when the family is taking a vacation.
(No Image yet)

Suneo's Mother
Also likes to show off her jewellery and handbags.
Spoils Suneo and gives him a lot of allowances and buying Suneo all the things he wants.

Sunetsugu (スネツグ)
Suneo's younger brother.
Lives abroad with his uncle.
(No Image yet)

Sunekichi (スネ吉)
Suneo's cousin
(No Image yet)


Hidetoshi Dekisugi (出木杉 英才)
Nobita's classmate and a top score student.
He is handsome and polite.
Shizuka can often to be see together with Hidetoshi.
Nobita sees Hidetoshi as his rival for Shizuka's affection.

Mini-Doras (ミニドラ[たち])
They are mini Doraemon with different colours.
One of Doraemon futurtist gadgets.
Able to communicate with Doraemon and help with some tasks.
(No Image yet)

Sensei, Ganari (我成)
Nobita's Teacher
He is very strict and sometimes will visit Nobita's house to check on his studies.

Scientist (22nd century)
He is the maker of Doraemon and Dorami.
Friendly and cares about how Doraemon feels.
Also responsible for servicing of Doraemon and Dorami.

That's about all the characters I've gathered now and will continue to update with more infos.
If you have any informations about other Doraemon characters that would like me to include, please feel free to leave me a comment too.
All the above Doraemon images were taken from my anime VCD.
Hope that you all will enjoy reading my Doraemon Characters "Who's Who" write-out.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Doraemon Figures & Collectibles

Updated Post on 11 February 2009, 4 January 2010

Here is my Doraemon figures, stuff toys and vehicles cars collections.
I've been collecting Doraemon for only 2 weeks.
Now that I started to notice, there are actually quite a lot of Doraemons collectibles here.
Find them in toys stores, supermarkets, street vendors and bookstores.
Ranging from figurings, stuff toys, stickers to many household items like floor mats, cups, plates and even door knob covers.
Initally I've only wanted to keep some figurings but some of the household items and stationary items are also rather cute.
Brought some of this and is posted in the previous post - Doraemon Mix Collectibles

Doraemon Figurings :
Doraemon Bobble Head Toyful Collection
A set of 7 + 1 Special (Green) character.
Below picture is a complete set.
This set is also my favourite among all my Doraemon Collection so far.

Giant Doraemon Coin Bank

Doraemon movie collection figurings.

Big Head Suction-Cap Doraemon

Clay material Doraemon
This pair has been with me for many years.
Would considered this to be my first Doraemon collectibles.

Silver colour Doraemon mini stuff toy

Doraemon Capsule Toys :
Light up Doraemon
Total of 5 in a set.
Got only one.

Doraemon Capsule Station Complete Set

Doraemon Big Head w/ pop out body
Not complete set - short of Gian and yellow doraemon

Sometime, playing the capsule is quite fun because you'll not know what is coming out.
My first play at this series was a Nobita, then Doraemon sister and followed by Doraemon.
But after this, a continueous of 3 Nobita came out of the capsule machine.
Ahhhhhhh.... I quit!
So I went home with 4 Nobita!!!
Anyway, I did a little painting the other three Nobita, at least it's a little different now!

Doraemon Vehicles Cars Collections :
Doraemon Bullet train w/ sound & lights
Including a Doraemon figure

Doraemon Music Van Set w/ Doraemon
Pull back action toy car, no sound/lights.

Doraemon School Bus
A pull back action toy car.

Post Additions on 11 February 2009 :
Doraemon Vending Machine Playset
I found this in a Sunday market.
Immediately took a liking to it.
The box was rather dirty but good thing that the the stickers and plastic bags were still sealed in the bag.
It took me about 1 hour cleaning it up with zippo liquid and lemon pledge.
Now it's shining and all worth it... heehee.

Doraemon 4.5" Figurings
The box says a total of 4 in the series.
I think the figure I missed out is "Nobita"...

Nobita Found! (Post Additions 4 January 2010)
It took me exactly one year to find this! HeeHee...

Mouse chasing Doraemon
This wind-up toy is very cute!

Doraemon Bakery Van set w/ mini doraemon figure
This car set is also the one I've been looking for since I started collecting Doraemon.
I remember seeing it years ago and like the "Bakery" theme.
But I didn't collect Doraemon then, so I didn't buy it at that time.
Glad I was able to see it again at a Sunday market last weekend!