Monday, August 12, 2013


I had always wanted to do a post about Zoids. But somehow, I just seem to never get about posting it. Posting this, it's like walking down a memory lane. I had only one Zoids figure when I was a child. It was a Zoids 003 - Barigator (Crocodile Type). Unfortunately, I do not have that figure as my cousin damaged it back then. Shattered on the floor, split into many pieces, many parts went flying all over the place, a few parts was never found. I was sad for a long time as I've save up for that figure for quite some time. I was maybe in primary 5 or 6 at that time. That was my one and only Zoid from childhood. Later when I was in my twenties, I started collecting Zoids, it was year 2002. How quickly time passes! I don't see any Zoids now in the local department stores anymore but I did spot some at Simply Toys and also at the China Square Sunday market.  Zoids are interesting when they move. I enjoy building and painting them. I usually didn't apply decals to the models. Zoids models looks good and detailed straight out from the box. Most of which I just simply do some dry brushing and the models looks really good enough on display.

Tomy Zoids 002 - GuySack (Scorpion)

Tomy Zoids 006 - Molga (Insect)

Tomy Zoids 011 - Hel Digunner (Iguana Type)

Tomy Zoids 012 - Brachios (Brachiosauraus)

Tomy Zoids 013 - Cannon Tortoise (Tortoise)

Tomy Zoids 014 - Godos (Dinosaur)

Tomy Zoids 015 - Iron Kong (Gorilla)

Tomy Zoids 018 - Saicurtis (Beetle)

Tomy Zoids 019 - Double Sworder (Stag Beetle)

Tomy Zoids 027 - Rev Rapter (Velociraptor)

Tomy Zoids 032 - Sinker (Ray)

Tomy Zoids 043 - Spinosapper (Spinosaurus Type R2)

Tomy Zoids 044 - Zabat (Bat)

Tomy Zoids 045 - Salamander (Pterosaur)

Tomy Zoids 046 - Shadow Fox (Fox)

Tomy Zoids 047 - Maccurtis (Crawfish)

Tomy Zoids 056 - Hammer Rock (Gorilla)

Tomy Zoids 058 - Megaleon (Chameleon)

Tomy Zoids 061 - Killer Dome (Crab)

Tomy Zoids 068 - Storch (Archaeopteryx)

The Zoids Blox is a series released in 2001. I actually don't quite like it except for the Nightwise Owl figure. I find the models quite difficult in posing. The main body is usually connected using a series of small cube blocks. Blox series does not have motorised function.

Tomy Zoids Blox - D.A. Lizards

Tomy Zoids Blox BZ 005 - Flyscissors (Chimera)

Tomy Zoids Blox BZ 004 - Nightwise (Owl)

Tomy Zoids Blox BZ 006 - Shellkarn (Chimera)

Tomy Zoids Blox BZ 016 - Scissorstorm (Chimera)