Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mr Yoshito Usui 臼井儀人

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Yoshito Usui
Born : 21 April 1958
Died : 11 September 2009 (At age 51)
Author for Crayon Shin-Chan 蜡笔小新

I didn't expect to do a "Gone Too Soon" post so soon again.
This afternoon, my mom told me that a manga author passed away few days ago and it was the author of Crayon Shin-Chan.
I was shocked and sad.
As reported, Mr Usui went for hiking and photography in Gunma Prefecture on the 11 September 2009 morning. His wife reported him missing when he did not return. On the 19th September 2009, a climber found a body at the bottom of cliff at Mount Arafune, Gunma. It was confirmed and identified to be Mr Yoshito Usui. His camera last photo was a picture of the bottom of the cliff. It was believe that he accidentally fell while taking photos of the cliffs.

His works in Crayon is one of my favourites.
The first time I heard about "Crayon" comics was when I was working in a bookstore in 1995.
One customer came into the shop and asked for Crayon's comics books. My boss then told me that this comics is very funny and the main star is a little boy who always gets in some sort of mischevious acts. From then, I started reading book 1 and then the next book, then the next again...
There's also the TV anime on Crayon which I enjoy very much though I've never finished watching them yet.
He was a great artist who did bring many warmth and laughter through his manga.
May he rest in peace.

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Youtube Video Credits : liquidus2172

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Crayon Shin Chan 蜡笔小新 - Allowance (English)
The first time I watch Crayon shin Chan in English. It's quite funny too!

Youtube Video Credits :smistry93

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giant PEZ

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Aha...Giant PEZ found in Giant Hypermarket in Singapore!
Considering I've been waiting for it to come to Singapore since year 2006.
Searching every possible PEZ selling stores but no Giant PEZ was spotted!
But Today...
I was shopping at Giant Hypermarket and spotted the "XXL PEZ" or "Giant PEZ".
It was a real surprise! HeeHee!
I'm very excited now and though I've not taken their photos yet, I'll like to share a post here first.
I've only spotted three different Giant PEZ and brought all three of them.
There are Mickey Mouse XXL PEZ, Winnie the Pooh XXL PEZ and Hello Kitty XXL PEZ.
Not sure whether there are any other designs but I sure hope that the distributors here can also bring in XXL Star Wars PEZ too.
Does anyone collect Giant PEZ too?

Post Additions on 22 September 2009:
Hello Kitty Giant PEZ w/ flower necklace

Winne the Pooh Giant PEZ

Mickey Mouse Giant PEZ

Photo of a Mickey Mouse Giant PEZ and Mickey Mouse Regular PEZ.