Monday, June 25, 2007

Save Your Template !

I forgot to save my original template.
Now I got to do the settings all over again.
I cannot even find the fronts or colours that I used to use.
Also have problems trying to change the colours of the text.
It just don't change.
Anyway, whatever you want to do or try to do,
What a day !!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Take Out The PEZ Candy & Candy Dispensers !

See the Ice Age 2 PEZ. I've took out the candy !!
Can't really spot it right ?
Use a penknife to slice an opening at the bottom of the candy.
(Not the cardboard. It's the front plastic form.)
Empty those candy gently.
Carefully wrap the candy wrapper back into it's original form.
Do not press hard as it will dent the paper.
Only Air (Free) is inside.
Put it back slowly and see it just looks like an unopened PEZ.
Use a small piece of transparent scotch tape to tape the bottom back.
This is the only PEZ I tried.
A good option for those living in hot climate countries. Avoid melting of candy.
Also for those who loves to eat PEZ !!!!

Other Candy Dispensers :

This cute Pokemon Pikachu Candy Dispenser is from Bandai 1998.
I think the candy is no longer available in the market.
Open the white colour part in front of Pikachu.
Push him face down and he will bring up a candy to you !
That explains why his both hands looks like a zombie.

This little dispenser was filled with colourful tiny balls of candy.
Got this in Australia, Sydney in 1997.
From a candy store. I think its in the "SEGA World ".
I like it very much. Have always like those huge gum dispenser.
It is called "Micro Wizard" by Wizard Toys, Inc.
Turn the knob and guess the color of the candy !
Or sometimes I would turn and turn till I get the colour I want.
Will put back those unwanted ones. Sounds Yucks ?
No, it's ok as I am the only one eating this candy !!!

Star Wars PEZ Boxset

Updated on 7 April 2008 with full replacement of photos.

This box was said to be limited to 250,000.
Don’t you think it was a lot ?
Some people said it was because sometimes PEZ can have a production of 1 million on each character.
I don't really know, must go and ask PEZ collector's expert.
Like I've said, the candy was taken away when I brought this at the toy shop.
Something just missing without the candy, box looks empty !
Guess I will go get some candy to put in back.
My favourite in the box has got to be R2-D2.

I inserted some empty PEZ candy wrappers. (Updated on 7th April 2008)
Do you think this looks nicer?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It all started with STAR WARS PEZ !

PEZ History
1927 - Austria, Eduard Haas - Founder of PEZ. Haas Food Manufacturering Corporation of Viennas
Orignally sold in small pocket tins. It was used for people trying to quit smoking.
1947 - Pez dispenser were born. Looks like a lighter.
1948 - The regular Pez dispenser were born.
1949 - Recevied U.S. patent.
1952 - Cartoon heads and fruity candies enter the market.
1970 - Pez Candy, Inc took over the sales and production.
1973 - Pez U.S. plant is located in Orange, Connecticut, USA.
1987 - Pez has feet added to their base.

Interesting Pez :
PEZ was derived from the German word " Peppermint - PfeffErminZ."
First cartoon character to be put on PEZ dispenser, were said to be Popeye by most people.
People who collects PEZ are called "Pezhead".
PEZ has a distribution in more than 60 countries around the world.

More About Pez :
Official Website :
History :
PEZ FAQ - All PEZ queries Answered !! :

PEZ Museum - Burlingame Museum of PEZ memorabilia. Located near South of San Francisco International Airport. Address : 214, California Drive, Burlingame, CA, 94010, USA.
SUPER PEZ - World's Biggest Pez dispenser - 7.10 ft. more than 20 times the size of our regular PEZ. Awarded Guinness World Record on 2007.

PEZ Collectors : The PEZ Anatomy page, it's unique & nice wallpaper for downloading. The factory visit to PEZ factory seemed fun and interesting. Have a lot of PEZ for sale. Lots of members to talk about PEZ !!! Best community ! Lots of Fantasy PEZ - Very creative (linkadded31Oct2007)

My PEZ Collection
I had a few PEZ when I was little. I only kept one. A Penguin and I left it in my fridge for years.
Occassionally, I would top up the candy, ate a few and leave it there. So the Penguin was always in the fridge. Maybe about 10 years……..
Last October 2006, I brought a PEZ boxset on STAR WARS.
Each characters were made in such detail.
The more I look at it, the more I like it.
Thus, started my PEZ collection.
My very first question in collecting PEZ was to open the package or not.
I was worried about the candy melting and attracting ants.
After some snooping and asking, everyone had different views.
It is all up to individual and the country's climate in which you are in.
If stored in hot places, the candy will definetely melt.
After all, it's our toys, we can do what we want !
As for myself, I decided to keep it in it's original packaging.
I used PVC to wrap up the PEZ, sorting by different sets.
So far, the candy is still ok…………..

Example of a wrap up family of PEZ.

This is a back cover of Singapore Imported PEZ. I think is almost the same as other countries. Only difference is the importer, I guess.

THE PENGUIN - In My Fridge !!!!
This was the only PEZ that's was left. It's mine longest surviving one and only. So I think it deserved a full photoshot. This penguin also have a little whistle at the back of it's head.

Below are my some of my loose PEZ. I couldn't get the others as when I started collecting, these are not in production already. Got these at some toys stores or Sunday markets.

Trick or Treats ? Chocolate would be BEST !
My name is Toti the Skeleton.

This PEZ was given to me from a friend.

Looney Tunes Football
Bugs Bunny & Tweety Bird
Shrek 2
Shrek & Donkey

PEZ Complete Sets :

Star Wars. Box is labelled with a sticker limited edition of 250,000. I got this by chance in a toy store. Rather expensive. The candy was already taken away but the PEZ are intact, unopened. See my page on Star war close-up PEZ for more detail pictures.

The very funny family. The SIMPSONS.
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa & Maggie - Happy Family

Open Season
Boog the bear, Elliot the Mule Deer, Mr. Weenie.
Picture of McSquizzy the owl will be added later.

Best of Pixar Movies.
Monster Inc - Sull & Mike, Nemo - Nemo, Incredibles - Mr Incredibles, Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear.
Cars - Lightning McQueen (Found. photo to be added)

Shrek 3
Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss N Boots.

My favourite is My Melody.
Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty w/ Bunny, My Melody.

Meet the Robinson
I love this movie. It movtives me. I tend to think too much about the past ! There's much to learn about this movie."KEEP MOVING FORWARD"
Lewis, Wilbur, Carl the robot & Bowler.

Looney Tunes
Tas, Tweety, Bugs Bunny & Dafty Duck

Ice Age 2.
Sid the Sloth, Scrat the Squirrel, Manny the Mastadon & Diego Saber Tooth Tiger

I was very happy when I found this ET pair in a toy shop. One of the candy inside had melted. ET was also one of my favourite chararcter. I also like Gremlin, I wonder do they have it in PEZ too !

Disney all time favourite.
Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Daisy & Goofy.

It took me a long time trying to get this "CHICKEN LITTLE" pez. Found it in a collectibles toy store. Cost double the price of a normal PEZ.
Chicken Little, Ugly Duckling & Fish out of water.

Lightning McQueen, Sally, Mater & Doc Hudson

Friday, June 15, 2007

84, Charing Cross Road

Updated Post on 24 April 2010, 25 July 2011

84, Charing Cross Road
Author : Helene Hanff
Publisher : Penguin
Price : U.S. $13.00
ISBN : 0-14-014350-5

I was first attracted to this book by it's cover. A black & white photograph of the bookshop. Cover Design by Chin Yee Lai and Phototgraph by Alec Bolton.
It was first published in 1970.
A simple yet touching story about the author Helene Hanff correspondance with a used book dealer Frank Doel in London.
It lasted 20 years. 1949 to 1969.
There is something magical in their letters.
Something so warm.
I felt I was being brought into their time 1949.
Why I like this book so much was that I could sense their genuine friendship and love.
In times now, I can only feel that the world is getting colder.
People tends to be more suspicious of others. (I do too.)
Most people just want more gain. Thinking mostly of their own needs.
Of course, there are still plenty of good ones but I feel it's just not enough.
Reading this book was a wonderful experience.
Don't read this if you never like reading letters…………

Post Additions on 24 April 2010 :
2 days ago, my friend told me there is a movie made for this book!
So I google for the movie and it was released in 1987.
Better late than ever, now I'll have to go find the DVD of this movie.
Have anyone seen this film?

84 Charing Cross Road
Directed By : David Hugh Jones
Cast : Anne Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins
Released Date : 1987

Post Additions on 25 July 2011 :
Finally, I've found the DVD of 84, Charing Cross Road.
Watched it last night and it was very good.
Both Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins put up a great performance in this movie.
The movie set bookstore looks great in the movie.
A place filled with so much old and rare books. It's beautiful...
It's really kind of sad that the actual bookstore no longer exists now.
As I was searching more informations on 84, Charing Cross Road, I came upon this great website. It simply covers all the informations that lingers in one's mind that needs to be answered about this special place and the people.
One day, I really hope I can be able to visit London again and to see this actual location.

Movie Magic - When I was a Kid

sI was still a little kid when I watch my first star wars movie. I think it was the "Empire Strikes Back".
I thought everything was real, there really was such a galaxy existed, no one ever told me it was all created by George Lucas. I would dreamed that when I grow up, I would want to live in space.
And that I want to fly in the Millenium Falcon and play with R2-D2.
Now I wanted to know how they actually make these movies.
Imagine George Lucas can acutally come up with so many characters.
Everyone has their unique traits. Everyone has it's place and time. A reason to be there.
I can only wish that one day I can actually see these movies props or visit the skywalker ranch.
I wonder how the "Skywalker Ranch" will be like.
To me , that' the closest place on Earth to feel like you are actually in the Star
Wars galaxy.
Am reading the Making of Episode I - The Phantom Menace by Laurent Bouzereau & Jody Duncan.
If you are like me, curious to know how Star Wars was created, get this book.
It is very informative and I like the art works of Mr Doug Chiang
There are many beautiful sketches of Episode I pictures inside.
Of course, there is also the other episodes to making of Star Wars book.
I will be reading them after I complete Episode I book first. About 15 pages more to go…

Thursday, June 14, 2007

How I spend my day

Today, I'm a little lazy. Have not work on improving my blog like yesterday.
Breakfast : Koko Crunch w/ cold holicks drink. Am eating the Koko crunch because of the free spiderman toy. Green Goblin.
Went to the aquarium shop to buy a battery pump because I got a letter from the HDB that they are cutting the electricity supply from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm for servicing of don't know what riser ? ? ?
I got the pump along with 4 cute little orange molly fishes and 4 red guppies.
Got home, cooked lunch and dinner together, save the trouble of needing to think what I have to eat.
Spent my entire afternoon watching the japanese anime " Inuyasha ". Only at boxset 3. Still a long way to go. Total 13 VCD boxset.
Ate a " Bub's " ice cream - Lava brownie. Then felt too fat, so I went to home. On a exercise bike.
Evening time, got out to buy batteries for the fish pump. Brought some cakes.
After dinner, I was shocked to see my cherry shrimps gone......... Does guppy eat shrimps ? I remember seeing 5 cherry red shrimp and 1 rocket shrimp the night before. Now all I see is 1 cherry & 1 rocket shrimp. Hump.... TANK UNDER INVESTIGATION.
Played the GBA Pokemon game " Mystery Dungeon" - Purity forest.. which I hated most. Died at 81 storey. For those of you whom had played this game will agree with me I guess. Reaching 99 storey is no easy stuff. I've once reached storey 98 & died !!! Imagined the anger in me that day, almost crashed my game boy.
Then switched to practising my guitar, my out of tune play. What to do, so long did not play..... An hour later, gave up. Fingers pain !!!!!
Now watching the 10 pm U channel hong kong drama and typing this.
This is " How I Spend My Day "

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Great Joy

Aha... I've finally got a counter and a guestbook for my blog.
I got mine at Bravenet.
To me is was a big step forward in learning.
Pssp... I just don't know if it works. Let's Pray.

New Look New Name New ME !

Today, I did a major change over on this blog.
I changed the template and most importantly, I changed the name to astrogalaxy.
It used to be "".
I figured the the name needed to be changed, as more things can be added instead of only star wars.
So I hope you all like me new identity !

Star Wars Collectibles 1st Anniversary

Last month (May 2007), it marks my Star Wars collectibles mania collection for 1 year.
I haven't been buying any lately because :
1)Lack of space. Any collectors will agree as toys generally takes up plenty of space!
2) Budget. Money is tight.
3) Too lazy to arrange and clean up those toys.
4) Feeling stress

Here's my summary for collecting a year :
A) Lightsaber Scale 0.45 = 9
B) Figures with playsets, scenes.. = 33
C) Multi-Packed Figurings, w/ creatures = 20
D) Episode I Figures w/ Battle Droids = 16
E) Single Figures = 152
F) 12 " / 6" Doll Figure = 31
G) Kotobukiya Vinyl Scale 1/7 = 10
H) Galactic Heroes Twin Figures = 10
I) Vehicles = 6
J) Titanium Die Cast Vehicles = 19
K) Micro Machine - Vehicles & Figures = 23
L) Micro Machine Playsets = 11
M) Action Fleet - Vehicles & Playstets = 12
N) Bend-Ems Single Figures = 10
O) Transformers = 7
P) Lego = 10
Q) Autograph Photo = 4
R) Film Cels = 3
S) Plastic Models = 4
T) Food Collectibles = 33
U) Misc Collectibles - Keychains, magnets, Pins....etc = 50

Had wanted to list every item but I don't really feel like doing this now. So, please make do with this miserable summary. But...... when I have the time, I would really like to list everything out with pictures of each toys and their details. Like year made, manufacturer, size..... etc.

My favourite R2-D2 cup.