Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Titanic 100th Anniversary 1912 - 2012

This year marks a very special date for Titanic. It's the 100th Anniversary of Titanic in year 2012.

A Titanic ship model on display in the shopping gallery of Marina Sands

Titanic - The Artifact Exhibition 100th Anniversary
Location : Marina Bay Sands - ArtScience Museum
Date : 29 October 2011 - 29 April 2012
Open : 10am to 10pm (Last admission at 9.00pm)
An adult ticket cost S$24.00 / S$20.00 (Singapore Residents), Senior S$21/S$18 and Child S$14/S$13.

The place where the Titanic Artifact Exhibition is held.
Photography, including no flash is not allowed. Which I am very disappointed because photos always provide good and vivid memories. The entire exhibition was so awesome and well designed. Every corner, there's surprises...something new to see, learn and remember. I visited this exhibition in March 2012. It was simply amazing beyond my words to describe.

Entrance to the Titanic Exhibition and Theatre.  See the Titanic ship in the background. It is where you could get a photograph taken and purchase it later on. The grand staircase is another where the photographer would take your picture.

My White Star Line boarding pass to Titanic!!

Passenger : Mr. Edgar Samuel Andrew
Age : 18
Class : 2nd
Ticket No : 231945
Reason : To attend his brother's wedding in the United States. A student in England at the time, Edgar planned to stay for a position in his sister-in-law's company, Fisher & Norris Anvil works in Trenton, New Jersey.
Passenger Fact : Edgar had originally booked his trip on Oceanic which was to sail a week later. Due to the coal strike, he was forced to sail on Titanic on order to arrive in New York in time for his brother's wedding.

Some additional details of Edgar Samuel Andrew I found online :
Died in the sinking. His body was never found.
On 8 April 1912, Edgar wrote a letter to his friend, Josey Cowan :
You figure Josey I had to leave on the 17th this (month) aboard the "Oceanic, but due to the coal strike that steamer cannot depart, so I have to go one week earlier on board the Titanic. It really seems unbelievable that I have to leave a few days before your arrival, but there's no help for it, I've got to go. You figure, Josey, I am boarding the greatest steamship in the wortld, but I don't really feel proud of it at all, right now I wish the Titanic were lying at the bottom of the ocean.
In April 2001, RMS Titanic Inc recovered a suitcase from the Titanic wrecksite belong to Edgar Samuel Andrew.

For an addition cost of S$5.00 (requires Titanic Exhibition ticket addmission), you'll get to watch the Titantic Documentary - Ghosts of the Abyss. It also comes with a free souvenir which can be collected at the Museum gift shop.
Runtime : 62 mins

Titanic Exhibition Brochure

Exhibition layout

The following nine photographs was taken from catalogues and books because photography inside the exhibit are not allowed.
First Class Room
Grand Staircase

Third Class Quarters


Boiler Room

Promenade Area. Ship Deck. This is my most favourite part of the exhibit. I sat there for a short few minutes. It was silent and looking out, into the dark sky was glittering stars. It's so beautiful.

Iceberg Area
See the white patch in far background, that's the freezing ice. I tried putting both my hands and yes, it's very very cold.

The Memorial Area - Where one could checked to see if the passenger make it alive or dead at that fateful night. I was able to spot mine at a corner, it's a poster size board fixed to the wall on the adjencent right side.

Some of the items I brought from the Museum shop :
A Titanic 3rd Class Mug

Cherry Tooth Paste... without toothpaste of course! I wonder what cherry toothpase taste like?

Egg Holder Cup

Egg holder

A free pin badge souvenir

Titanic - The Artifact Exhibition Catalogue Book (Marina Bay Sands )
ISBN : 978-981-07-1014-9
Author : Judith B. Geller
Publisher : R.M.S Titanic Inc

This is the photo folder when you purchase the photo at the museum. It cost S$25 for each photo.
S$35.00 if you take 2 photos (1 ship and 1 grand staircase photo package). But if you want 2 staircase photos, it'll be S$50. Same goes for the grand staircase.

Titanic Movie Book - ED W. Marsh
ISBN : 0-00-649060-3
Edition : 1997
I brought this book in 1998. I was not very much into this movie but at that time, it was such a huge blockbuster. It's like everywhere I go, I would hear the theme song play out loud from various shops and shopping centres.

WP Commemorative Series : Titanic 100th Anniversary - Jess Lomas
ISBN :  9781921804632
Publisher : Wilkinson Publishing Pty Ltd
It's a great compilation of info and images. It also has the name list of people lost at sea.

Titanic Experience - Beau Riffenburgh
ISBN : 978-1-71478-651-4
This has to be my favourite Titanic book so far. It's a huge and heavy hardback book. I love the removable documents pull outs.

Brief Timeline of Titanic :
29 July 1908 : White Star Line approved Titanic designs.
31 March 1909 : Titanic construction begins.
2 April 1912 : Titanic first sea trials.
10 April 1912 : Boarding of passengers and start of a maiden voyage.
13 April 1912 : Titanic receives ice warnings

14 April 1912 : More ice warnings but were ignored. Operators were busy replying to passengers messages.
5.50pm - Captain Smith alters the Titanic course as a precaution to avoid the icebergs.
11.40pm - Lookout spotted iceberg, sound alarm but all was too late... collision.
11.50pm -Within 10 minutes, five compartments of the Titanic were flooded. The ship will sink.

15 April 1912 : Titanic send distress call. Passengers loaded on lifeboats.
2.20am - Titanic fully sinks into the sea.
4.10am - Carpathia rescued the passengers on lifeboats.

18 April 1912 : Carpathia reached New York

1 September 1985 : Dr Robert Ballard discover the Titanic wreck at 12,460 feet beneath the surface.
1987 : RMS Titanic Inc is born. They recover over 5,500 artifacts from Titanic.