Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Betta Splendens

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Last Saturday, I went to visit Fish Farms and saw the many new different breeds of Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish) and thus started to keep them again.
I used to keep them at my work place many years ago because they don't need an air pump.
They are also not fussy eater and they are colourful.
Only cons is that they cannot be housed together with each other.
More regular water change is required as there is no filtration system to clean up or break down the waste.
Now my table is rather messy with different tanks and containers.
I need to think of a better way to display the tanks neatly...heehee.
I'll be going to visit the Aquarama 2009 at Suntec City later this afternoon to see the Betta competition.
And also heard from my friend that there is someone selling Betta fish there too.
Below are some of my Betta fish that I'm keeping now :

Half Moon Betta

(Photo added on 5 June 2009)
This betta enjoy blowing bubbles!

Half Moon Betta

(Photo added on 5 June 2009)

Crowntail Betta

This is my favourite photo of this fish!


(Photo added on 5 June 2009)

Crowntail Betta

(Photo added on 5 June 2009)

Female Betta

Female Betta

Giant Betta

(Photo added on 5 June 2009)

(Photo added on 5 June 2009)
Playful little one, likes to play with the stones.

Post Additions on 5 June 2009:
This is where I keep my bettas.
Since they do not have any filtration systems in the tank, I usually do a water change of 50% every two days.
My problem is with the aquatic plant now, it doesn't seem to last long and about 2 days, it'll start to have a foul smell.
Hence, I've removed most of the plants from the tank even though the Bettas seems to like the plants very much.
Does anyone has any recommendations for hardy aquatic plants for Bettas?

Below are a few more additions Bettas I've just brought.


Half Moon

Half Moon Plakat

Half Moon Plakat

Half Moon Plakat

Post Additions on 6 June 2009 :

Three new additions to the family.
They seemed a little stress when they were introduced into the tank.
But they started to flare at their neighbours almost instantly...aggressive little ones.

Half Moon

Half Moon Plakat

Half Moon

Post Additions on 7 June 2009:

Mini Facts about Betta Splendens
Name : Siamese Fighting Fish
Nickname : The Jewel of the Orient
Scientific Name : Betta Splendens
Family : Osphronemidae - Gourami family, (formerly classified as Anabantidae)
Originate : Thailand (Formely known as Siam)
Nature Habitat : Living in Rice paddies, muddy waters, shallow waters, slow moving streams…etc.
Species Found : approx. 150 years ago
Size for Bettas : up to 2.5 inches (6cm)
Size for Giants Bettas : up to 3.1 inches (8cm)
Species Type : Freshwater Fish
Temperature : 25 - 30 degree C.
PH : 7
Lifespan : 2-3 years
Reproduction : Males build bubble nests, the bubbles acts as a support for eggs.
During the spawn, they will be circling each other.
The male will wrap himself around the female and when she released the eggs, they are fertilized and starts to sinks.
The male will bring the eggs and spit them into the bubblenest.
Female is to remove after spawning. Males will look after the eggs.
The eggs will be incubated for 24-30 hours and hatch in 2-3 days.
About three days later, the male is to be remove from the breeding tank.
Young swimming frys can be fed brine shirmps.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Peak and Tram

The Peak Tram (山頂纜車)Operating : 7am - 12 midnight daily
Frequency of Tram : Every 10 - 15 minutes
Sky Terrace : 10am - 11pm (Mon - Fri), 8am - 11pm (Sat, Sun & PH)
Tickets for Peak Tram (Return/Single) : Adult HK$33/HK$22, Child (age 3-11) & Senior Citzen (age above 65) HK$15/HK$8
Tickets for Peak Tram & Sky Terrace (Return/Single) : Adult HK$48/HK$37, Child (age 3-11) & Senior Citzen (age above 65) HK$23/HK$16

History of the Peak Tram1881 - Planning of the tram system by Scotsman Alexander Findlay Smith.

1882 - Proposal was granted and the Hong Kong High Level Tramways Company was born.

May 1888 - Official opening by the Governor, Sir William Des Voeux.
It was a wooden tram's haulage system that was powered using coal fired steam boilers.
Seating capacity of 30 passengers and the carriage was indivded into three classes.
Having First class with the centre compartment.
Tickets at that time cost 30 cents, 20 cents and 10 cents (First class, Second class and thrid class).

1926 - The steam power system was replaced by an electrically powered haulage gear system. Seating capacity had increased to 52 passengers.

1959 - All metal tramcar were used and seating capacity incresed to 62 passengers.

1989 to Present - A fully enclosed, lightweight, all aluminum tramcar was used and seating capacity increased to 72 passenger. It cost a HK$60 million for upgrading using the microprocessor-control technology and new tramcars.
The seating capacity has now increased to 120 passengers.
Official opening on 20 September 1989 by Governor Sir David Wilson.

Tram Capacity - Maximum 120 passengers (95 seats, 25 standing)
Steepest part of the route is the crossover tracks on May road, which is 27 degrees to the horizontal.
At the Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus, a Peak Tram Historical Gallery was opened in September 2007 and exhibited more than 200 memorabilla items.
The Gallery is free admission for Peak Tram passengers.

Peak Tram technical stuffsLength of Track - 1,365 metres
Track Gradient - 4 degrees to 27 degrees
Lower Terminus - 28 meters above sea level
Upper Terminus - 396 metres above sea level
Speed - Maximum 6 metres per second

I brought a return ticket for the tram ride.
It's a interesting experience and enjoyed the ride.
Would highly recommend if you are visiting Hong kong to try this.

The Peak (太平山)
Mountain - Altitude of 552m

The view from the sky terrace at the Peak.
I was there in the evening, late March 2009.
It was very very misty and the air was very cold.
But I like it...would prefer to be cold than hot.
Sky Terrace is the highest viewing platform that offers a 360 degree view of Hong Kong.
I was up there for almost an hour and really enjoyed the scenery and cool air.
The Madame Tussaud's wax museum is also located at the Peak Tower,along with many other souvenir shops and restuarants.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Blogger's Choice Awards

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I've received a nomination (Blogger's Choice Award) at my another blog about travel and places - Astro Galaxy Travel today from a blogger.
Still trying to explore the blogger's choice website as it has many interesting blogs to read.

As for voting on my Travel blog - ASTRO GALAXY TRAVEL, please use this link and paste it on your browser :
Or just click below to vote at Bloggers Choice Awards!
Sincerely, Thank You!
My site was nominated for Best Travel Blog!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jack Doll

Collector's Lane Kids - Jack Doll
Size : 18"
Make : Collector's Lane
Year : 1999

Brought the Jack doll years ago even though I'm not a doll collector.
I like the various different suits of this Jack doll and his beautiful baby face.
Thus I ended up getting all the different types of suits I could find.
Jack would make a good photographing subject for me to learn portraits.
The entire clothings were all very well manufactured and also included different accessories.
Especially the shoes, it's very realistic.
The cowboy shoes was the most difficult to fit on the doll and I'll have to admit I'm quite clusmy dressing them up for photography.
My favoruite Jack's suit would be this Outdoor suit carrying a bag (below) and the Baseball player outfit suit.

Gallery of Jack :