Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oliver Ford Davies (Sio Bibble)

I received this photo yesterday.
This is my very first sucessful attempt for requesting of Autographs from Star Wars Movie Character.
Mr Davies gave me an 6 x 8 photo.
He is also very nice to personalize my name on the photograph.
Thank you very much !!

Oliver Ford Davies
Born 12th August 1939
A British Actor and Write

From King's School-Canterbury, he won a scholarship to Merton College, Oxford, where he read History.
He is also President of the Oxford University Dramatic Society (OUDS).
He was awarded the Laurence Olivier Award in 1990 (1989 season) for Best Actor in a New Play for Racing Demon.

He portray Sio Bibble in Star Wars Episode I to III.
Sio Bibble was the governor of Naboo during the reigns of Queen Amidala.
During the invasion of Naboo, he stayed behind and was held captive by the Trade Federation.

Malaysia - Genting

Memories flooded back.
It was 1985, March 21.
That's the date printed on the photo. If the camera is set correctly.
I'm 9 years old.
My first trip oversea.
It was like a little family trip.
With my grandfather and cousins.
This trip is special to me because my grandfather was there.
He is someone I love and respected most in my life.
He passed away many years back and this is my first trip outside Singapore with him.
We travelled there by train.
I remembered me and my cousins found a lot of loose coins in an empty train seat, amounting to a few dollars.
It's been ages since I was there. The place is completely different now.
Very colourful and big hotel suituated there.
I like it because it's cold. I'm just like a Penguin.
Here are some photos I got on Genting Highlands.
I re-took these pictures using my digital camera as I still can't figure how to scan.
It's quicker this way, at least to me it is!

My Grandfather. He was a kind and humble man.

Paddling with all mighty strength to move the boat

We had our best of time riding those Bumper Cars. It was a big hit at that time.
We went for a few rounds but had to queue for a long time to get our turn.
Needless to say, we all went home with blue-blacks legs.

About Genting, MALAYSIA :
Located 55 km (34 miles) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Situated 2,000m above sea level and covering over 4,500 hectares.
Climate / Temperature : Cool mountain climate / 17 - 24 dc
Time Zone : GMT +8.
Currency : Malaysia Ringgit (RM)
Country Telephone code : 60
Electricity : 220-240V, 50 Hz. 220 volts, 50Hz. UK-style three-pin plugs are used.
Malaysia Population: 23,821,286 (July 2007)
Ethnic Groups : 50% Malay, 24% Chinese, 11% Indian & others
Languages : Malay, English, Mandarin, Tamil…

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Greetings Everyone

I've decided today that I'll have another site about my travel trips on Astro Galaxy Travel.
Some photography of animals & underwater diving pictures too.
Just in case you don't know my original first baby, it's
It's basically about my toys collectibles, Elvis, Pez and some of my ramblings & little chatter !

This site, I would say will be consider "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" for some time because I've not scan my travel pictures.
First, I got to learn how to use my printer cum scanner. Got to go look for the guidebook.
I'm not sure which country I should start with. Probably the earliest I can remember.
Just a minute, where did I leave the photos ????????
I'll be BACK !

Post Additions on 21 January 2013:
Above post was transferred from my Astro Galaxy Travel blog.
Astro Galaxy Travel blog (40 posts) will now merged into my Astro Galaxy blog.

About Blogging

Blogging seems to have extended to all areas of life.
Young or Old, Eastern or Western ... people just love it.
Since yesterday I was rather free, I started to search for other's blogs.
I found many with unique sense of style and provides me an interesting read.
Have you ever thought about why blogging is so popular and with an ever increasing number of people blogging.

Maybe it's because it's our personal SPACE!
Maybe it's because we love to WRITE.
Maybe it's because we want to share our joys & sorrows to the World.
Maybe it's because strangers are sometimes more comforting.
Maybe it's because creating the site for something/someone you love
Maybe it's because we can add Google Adsense!
Maybe it's because we can have sercet identity.
Maybe it's because one day when we die, this site still keeps going!

I've slowly learned how to blog, I remembered starting out last year.
I do not know what is page elements, how to upload pictures, add counter, how to align photos (which almost drives me crazy), honestly, I don't even know there is Google Adense.
Everything was blank. No friends to help me as I didn't let them know I have this URL.
Bit by bit, I built my site. Hoping visitors will like them.
Eventually, I got to know some nice and helpful people too.
This is another reason for keeping on blogging.

What is your reason for blogging?

Friday, November 23, 2007

How a Fan sent a Letter

Standing from a Fan point of view, a signature photo would really means a lot to us.
It'll be a special mementos in our collection, something which we will treasure dearly.
I'm not a star and I'm not getting any fan mails so I don't know how enormous the volume
of mails would be. So I really can't commend about them not signing !!
It's just simply disappointing and sad on the fan's part.
Especially for myself, these photos are mean to be for keepsake.
Not for selling on E-bay or any other money making means.
A signature would always be a big deal among fans, like meeting the real person.
I've brought some signature photos before but it's just different.
Not sure how to describe this…………..
Maybe lack of a warm touch, only commercial.
Everything's too commercialize nowadays.
I am beginning to wonder is there really any Star Wars "Through the Mail" success ?

How I started ………….
Collected some address over the web search (for 3 days) but not sure if it's right.
Went to a bookshop to buy envelopes, spend half and hour trying to find the right size.
Finally, I decided to use a big one as self return and a smaller one for sending.
Then I spent an entire evening preparing letters.
Instead of using a letter pad, I decided to use some photos and print out on a A4 paper.
On which I'll write something and request for autographs.
As my handwriting is terrible, I kept my letters short !
Just as I was about to finish, I realized something…. What about the STAMPS ?
How do I provided for a self return envelope ? I'm not living in US or UK?
I don't have their country's stamps………
Panic, Panic……
Thought of a friend living in states and another studying in UK now.
Maybe I can asked them to help me buy some stamps….
But it kinda of troublesome.
Back to surfing for more info, I got to know that now, we can actually print postage stamps
at home, so maybe I could print US or UK stamps ?
Later… This also don't seem to work as the printed stamps must be use within a very short period of time.
Then I remember reading something on about IRC.
International Reply Coupon. It's alien to me.
The next thing is to find out how much does it cost from posting in Singapore to US or UK .
First, I need to weigh the letters.
It's too light, so my adult weighing scale cannot sense.
Went to the Kitchen, took out a small pastry scale.
40g…. 1st weight.
45g……2nd weight
42g…. 3rd weight.
???????? Conclusion, my weighing scale is SPOILT !!!
And it's now 12 midnight.
I'll just assumed it to be 50g including IRC.
Check on the Post Office rates online ….. It's S$2.15.
Next morning, went to the post office.
Requested for some air mails stickers.
The Post Office had only a few IRC left, I needed more.
So I had to go to another Post Office.
Finally, got everything I needed, I went back home.
After hours of preparing envelopes, it's ready to be sent.
BTW, I've found another post weight scale in the house.
Stainless steel sold by SingPost, cute in a way. I think it's more reliable.
Results - 35g .
Click, click……. Check the online Post Office rates again.
Postage Cost is S$1.80.
Well, it's good I can saved up some cost but it's getting a little more complicated.
I have to regroup the stamps… 10cents, 50 cents, 1 dollars…etc.
My maths was never good except in Primary School.
I'm not writing about how I've survived counting those stamps that day.
But I did finally sent all the letters out when I made another trip to the Post Office to buy more stamps of different values.

This is a sample of Singapore IRC.
It maybe slightly different in your country.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Harrison Ford in Mailbox - Han Solo, Indiana Jones

Yellow envelope in my mail today.
I anxiously open the mail, took a quick peep, saw a photo.
Quickly pull it out, it was Mr Harrison Ford.
I was very excited but then I spotted no signature.
It's really sad, you know.
Enclosed was 2 photo, 8R & 4R pre-printed signature plus a note.
But they were also nice with fast response and also returned my IRC.
Thanks !

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

George Lucas in my Mailbox

I recevied a photograph of George Lucas in my mailbox today !!!!
Aha....... I am so happy about it.
Moreover, it only took about 2 weeks, which I think it is very fast.
Considering that I'm living in Singapore not US.
Although, it is not a signed photo, still he looks superb in that photo.
Along with the photo, there's a letter from his secretary - Ann Merrifield.
Saying Mr. Lucas is not able to sign autographs or answer specific questions.
I too understand since they are really getting alot of fanmails from around the world.
Ms Anne Merrified, if you are reading this, I would like to say "Thank You".
Your fast response is greatly appreciated ! Thanks Mr Lucas too for the photo.