Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mini Lobster (Crayfish)

This is my pet lobster - RED. A freshwater crayfish.
Brought it sometime last month, late August 2007.
It easy to maintain and eats it's special pellets food.
Red is still rather shy & timid, so everytime I got to move real slow when I pass the tank.
Had wanted to buy 1 more to accompany RED but I read from the net that it is best kept alone.
Two will lead to fights and eventually death as they are very territorial.

About Red Lobster (Red Clawed Crayfish)
Common Name : Red Clawed Crayfish / Red Lobster
Scientific Name : Cherax Quadricarinatus
Water : Freshwater
Lifespan : 5 years
Size : Approx. 8 inches.
PH : 6.5 - 8.0
Temp : 77-90 °F / 25-32 °C
Provide sand for burrowing and rocks for hiding is recommended.
Active at night, bottom dwellers.
They are egg layers
Red Lobsters are scavengers, omnivorous.
Will prey on small and slow moving fishes.
Can be breed in aquariums.
Eggs takes about 21 days to hatch and contains a few hunded eggs.
Have the ability to regenerate lost limbs.

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