Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Hermits

This is Silver - The Hermit Crab.
Also my very first Hermit.
Initally, I brought only one.
But the hermit seems lonely and I read the FAQ about hermit that they live better in community.
Best to keep 2 or more.
So 2 hours later, I went back to the aquarium shop to get 1 more. Whom I named "Goblin".
See the pictures - Goblin moving around checking its new enviroment.

When I introduce a new tankmate.
Silver immediately reacted to Goblin.

The very next day, I decided that 2 more would be merrier, so here comes "Brownie & Checkers."
Picture shown 2 hermits freshly clean after a"Bath" I gave them.
After cleaning, they were both introduce into the tank with Silver & Goblin.

With four hermits under one roof, I got them a bigger tank.
They need 2 types of water - fresh & saltwater.
Also added a few bigger shells in case they need a bigger home.

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