Friday, August 08, 2008

Moon through my binoculars

I've long been fascinated by the universe.
The planets, the stars, the galaxies...
Maybe this was the reason why I love collecting Star Wars, Robots, Gundam.
When I was very young, from my bedroom window, I can see many stars.
Glittering in the night sky, it was so beautiful...
As I grew older, I felt the stars were getting lesser and lesser.
Sometimes, when I look up, I don't even see a single star!
I kept complaining over the years about stars getting lesser.
But I was wrong!
Actually, it is because cities are now brighter plus all the streets lights, buildings lights..etc.
This all makes us harder to see the stars.

I was reading the "Atlas of the Skies" last night.
Frankly, a lot of the terms inside I do not understand.
But I think this is a good book and full of informations.
So, I'll have to re-read a couple of times more to digest it!
Now, I have hundreds of questions marks inside me.
In short, I'm LOST!

I went to a nearby park at 8.30pm today.
Using my old Aus Jena Notarem 10x40 B binoculars.
My first view of the moon!
Of course, I didn't expect to see really close up view like a telescope.
To me, as a tryout, the feeling is GREAT!
I could see a very tiny part of the Moon's surface.
How should I describe?
Imagine a photograph divided into 12 sections.
Only 1 section is the view of the moon.
That's the furthest I could get!
Then I spotted 2 stars, tried to view it but it turned out to be 2 blur round spots in my binoculars.
I stayed for only about 15 minutes as today was rather cloudy.
I'm sure to go out again when the weather is good.
Meantime, I will have to read and there's endless things to learn.
I hope to be able to purchase a small telescope when I know more about astronomy.
( need to save up too)
From this website, I found out that Today's Moon Phase is :
1st quarter, 48% full, Friday 8 August 2008.
Today 08 08 2008 marks first baby step Into The Galaxy.

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