Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Dong Zhi Dumplings

A few more minutes... it'll be Dong Zhi festival or Winter Solstice Festival (冬至), 21 December 2008.
To chinese people, when "Dong Zhi" arrive, it means you are one year older.
Dong Zhi is also a time for family to get together, something like a new year, a new beginnings.
Generally, people likes to cook this round glutinuous rice dumpling in this season because it symbolized "Reunion".
This dumplings is called Tang Yuan (湯圓).
I've like this Tang Yuan very much since young.
Maybe because I have a sweet tooth.
When I was small, I would always be the first to volunteer to help roll the dumplings.
But as I grow older (plus lazier), I've not been rolling dumplings for ten over years...
I prefer the traditional type of Tang Yuan, just plain rice dumpling in sweet soup.
Others might prefer to have peanuts, yam or sesame stuffing inside the dumpling.
The above photo is the Tang Yuan I've just cooked a while ago.
My friend's mum helped brought the readmix dough from a market for me.
Half is pink and the other dough is white in colour.
Added a few drops of water to the dough and started to roll them into little balls.
Also added some pandan leaves and brown sugar to the soup.
Cooked the soup for about 5 minutes.
Then slowly, I added the dumplings into the soup one after another...
About 10 minutes, when the dumplings floats, all is ready!
It's my first attempt at cooking it...hehe...


Hazel said...

me same with u love to eat tang yuen, there are stalls selling tang yuen the whole year at batu pahat oh...

astrogalaxy said...

Great Hazel,
Buddy Buddy!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh that looks colourful and nice! I bet it tastes good! Anyway, advance Happy Holidays from moi!

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks Charles B.R.