Friday, December 04, 2009

Little update on my side

Haven't been blogging much these days.
My mood was not good either.
Well it all had to be traced back to last month, Friday the 13th!
I came home in the afternoon, on my computer and it just wouldn't start up.
The first thing that came to my mind was .... Ahhhhhhh, I haven't backup my files and photos.
Oh no.... oh no...........
The system prompt me to select this, select that...etc.
The error code flashed as fast as lighting speed and I couldn't pause it to write it down.
So I called the Fujitsu customer service but the technican who picked up the phone was not helpful at all.
He plainly said "Just bring it down and we'll check it for you."
As if it's not going to cost me a bomb bring it down to them.
I could actually chose to reformatted the entire disk since the computer was still able to boot up but I need to try to see if I can rescue my photos files first.
No choice, I brought my lifebook to a computer repair shop.
The guy told me it's 99% harddisk failure.
I got my harddisk replaced at $110 but if I want to retrieve my data, it's another 60 dollars.
Seeing that I didn't want to pay another $60, he offered to charged me $10 for retrieving some part of the files which are more important.
Good thing was that I was able to get some of my photo files back but I just realised yesterday that I've not back up some of my Star Wars collectibles photos that I've recently taken...

Followed by the next day that my computer crashed, my entire marine fish tank got wiped out. All the fishes died. One even jump out of the tank and got itself killed.
I test the water, the ph...etc.
Couldn't indenitify the problem.
Cleaned the tank and refill it with new saltwater.
I let it run for another week and brought some damsels fish to try again.
It happened just like before, one by one they died.
I still couldn't identify the problem except that I've found one that got fungus.
Though I've been keeping marine fishes on and off for 15 over years now, this time I'm really at a loss.
Decided that I wouldn't want to harm anymore of the little fishes, I cleaned out the entire tank.

My dog kept bitting newspaper and eating it, worried that would upset her stomach.

Car insurance rose sky high!

Buy new electrical extenstion plug, new plug also spolit.

Then there are still many bits and pieces of here and there - unhappiness ... which I don't think I would continue to write. Money, family, health...etc. I just hope that all will be bettter soon.


S Sultana said...

please visit & follow my blog.

astrogalaxy said...

S Sultana,
Visited your blog!

Anonymous said...

OMG I can't believe one of your fish committed suicide! - Now that's what I call a bad day! When I'm a bit older, I'm gonna get fish - I like brackish types - Mono's and Pufferfish. Yes, after your comment this morning my weekend did indeed, brighten-up. BTW cool blog…I love the Star Wars movies - so, this is probably a dumb question (as the answer is kinda obvious) but still, I wanna know from a professional. – At the end of Return of the Jedi, did they just add-on the scene where Naboo and all the other planets are rejoicing, and the scene where Obe-Wan and Yoda are joined by a reformed Darth Vader? - These are the things that keep me up at night (sad or what? Hehehe).

Anywayz, you have a good weekend too! - No more suicidal fish!!!!

astrogalaxy said...

Hello Cheyelle,
Thanks for dropping in!
What is a Mono fish? I like pufferfish too, they look very cute and dreamy too!
It's ok and I myself too have lots of Star wars questions in mind and there's also neverending question marks in my head...!
For the last scene, yes it was added(In Special Edition). Was not in the original star wars. Some fans don't really like this addition to the movie, some is fine with it.
It shows Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (played by Hayden Christensen) appear in a spirit form.

Have a great Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Mono fish are a type of brackish water fish (sometimes called Moonfish) here's a link:

You can house them with Puffers cos the move fast and so consequently don't get nibbled on by the cute but sharp toothed Puffer Fish!

Anyway, thanks so much for clearing up my Star Wars question…lol. – I simply cannot wait for the 3 sequels to come out!

You have a good Sunday too Astro!

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks for the link.
I didn't know the name as we don't called them mono over here. It's a very nice name! Our local aquariums just named it "batfish"!
I've kept this fish before and yes they are fast swimmers too!
But I've not tried keeping them with Puffers...
Take Care!