Thursday, February 11, 2010

Avatar Vehicles

The AMP suit is my favourite vehicle in the Avatar.
The way this vehicle was control at ease in the movie was very cool!
Now, I am waiting for the Avatar DVD to be release so I can watch it one more time.
This AMP suit, personally I find it to be the best Avatar figure so far.
Highly detailed and articulated.
Looks good on display and also for play.

Avatar - AMP Suit
Make: Mattel
Year : 2009
i-Tag : Level 3
Figures : Sold separately - Works with most 3 3/4" RDA figures

Description on box :
AMP Suit
Official Name : M-6 Amplified Mobility Suit
Function : Ambulatory hydraulic armored weapons platform for military
and civilian operations in hostile and toxic environments.
Field Names : AMP suit, "Iron Lady"
Size and Weight : Thirteen feet in height. Six feet wide.
Features : GPS. Cockpit commands are verbally activated, coded to
operator's voiceprint pattern. Thermal imaging display screens.
Weaponry : Hip-mounted and detachable GAV-90 thirty millimeter
cannon, optional flamethrower, slashing blade, knife.

AMP instruction and AMP i-Tag!

This AMP figure stands at 22cm tall.

Jake Sully w/ AMP suit
(Figure not included)


desmond said...

Finally you got the AMP suit. You need to buy the bad guy, right??

Juliana said...

Those are very detailed photos of the toy, thanks for sharing! :)

I want that Samson Gunship (with open side doors) piloted by Trudy in the movie. Too bad Mattel didn't make one. They only made the Scorpion Gunship (with missile launchers attached to the sides like an Apache). .

astrogalaxy said...

Yes Desmond! The AMP is the first Avatar toy I brought. As for the bad guy, probably won't be getting it...

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Juliana,
You are welcome and I'm happy that you like the photos!
The Samson Gunship? Is it the vehicle that they use for escape? I didn't know there were so many different gunships. Thanks for the infos! I'll go and check out the scorpion gunship later...
I also like the ISV Venture Star and sure hope Mattel would make one too!

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astrogalaxy said...

Hi MOTUlandia,
I've always like MOTU when I was very young.
Glad to exhange links! It's done up!

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astrogalaxy said...

Visited your blog!