Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010 Singapore Garden Festival

Singapore Garden Festival 2010
Date : 15 - 22 July 2010
Venue : Suntec City Hall 4 and Hall 6
Opening hours : 10am - 10 pm

Ticket Price S$ (Weekend / Weekday)
Adult : S$12/8
Concession (Child, Student or Senior Citizen): S$8/5
8-Day Pass : S$25/25
*Free for children below 0.9m

Venue : Suntec City Hall 6Over here are the Lanscape Gardens, Fantasy Gardens, Floral Windows to the World, Hospitality Pavilions and General Displays.

Fantasy Garden
Title : The Last Australian Garden
Designers : Rick Eckersley, Myles Broad & Scott Leung (Australia)
This is one of my favourite exhibit.

Fantasy Garden
Title : The Spice Of Life - A Grenada Garden
Designer : Suzanne Gaywood (United Kingdom/Grenada)

General Displays
Title : The Man Who Planted Trees

I am amazed by this exhibit and it's lighting.
This is my top favourite display for this event!
I took a series of the colour changes and you can view my photos on my facebook.
The link to my FB album is at the end of this post.

The board reads :
The Man Who Planted Trees
This centrepiece is inspired by the French eco-fable,
The Man Who Planted Trees, a charming fictional tale
of a shepherd who set out to reforest the ruined
eco-system of a desolate and abandoned valley in the
foothills of the Alps, near Provence in France.
The story underscores our duty as stewards of the
enviroment that we reside in, and speaks volumes
about how one person's reforestation efforts could
leave an indelible mark on our planet. It also bears
strong similarities with the greening movement
in Singapore.
Our greening journey began about four decades ago
when Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's vision of a
Garden City took shape. Up to today, Minister Mentor
continues to plant a tree annually. Local heroes, with
their tireless efforts, too played an important part in
nurturing Singapore into the Garden City that we are
renowned for today.
The Man Who Planted Trees celebrates the International
Year of Biodiversity 2010, and pays tribute to all the
local heroes who have contributed significantly to the
greening of Singapore.
Hundreds of Singaporeans and residents from all walks
of life have shaped the look of The Man Who Planted
Trees. Just as all of us have a hand in nurturing our
Garden City

Landscape Gardens
Title : Hometown In Tianjin - Surplus Year After Year
Designer : Wang Hong Cheng (China)

Landscape Gardens
Title : Taking A Leaf...
Designer : Peter Cheok (Singapore)

Fantasy Garden
Title : Paradise Lost - An African Fantasy
Designer : David Davidson (South Africa)

Fantasy Gardens
Title : The Mysterious Jungle of Pandora
Designer : Damian Tang (Sinapore)

Landscape Garden
Title : Daintree
Designer : Jim Fogarty (Australia)

Venue : Suntec City Hall 4On this level, it consists of the Singapore Orchid Show, Market Place, Competitions and General dislays

Market Place at Hall 4 with over 100 retail booths of gardening products.

This is my first visit to the garden festival.
It's a wonderful visit except that I didn't have enough time that day.
I was there for only about 2 hours and I kinda have to rush through the whole event.
Looking forward for the next year, I'll would defintely visit this event again.

To view more photos of 2010 Singapore Garden Festival photos, please click here to visit my Facebook album.


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