Saturday, March 07, 2015


With all the positives posts flooding round the web. Coaches teaching people to be 100% positives. I am not saying it's bad, somehow I feel negativity should also be inclusive in some way. If seeing all positives, one might paint a picture too perfect. Let's face it, life really is never going to be exactly like as one wishes because we are all linked in some ways, which thus affects everything. How is one to face it when bad things happens when the person is still in the picture perfect frame? Batteries worked with plus and minus! With Positive in bad times will help to pull one through, to not give up, to carry on. With Negative in good times will help one to stay humble, be forewarn of possible crisis. It is about BALANCE! P50% & N50%? P60% or N40%? P100% only? It's different for everyone. Just find the right combo that worked for yourself that makes you feel good and comfortable. Be Kind & Pray, everything else will fall into it's right place. What's meant to be will always find a way.

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