Monday, September 11, 2006

Toys, Toys, Toys !!!

Does it ever occur to you that toys could well make you broke ! Signed.
Almost every Star Wars toys I could set me eyes on, I wanted to own ! I spent so much that I've bursted my toys money budget for at least a year. So for the next few months, I think I better stay home !
I started seriously collecting these only in May 2006. Imagine all the stuff that I've already missed when all the 6 episodes were in movies. The popcorn cups, newspaper reviews, movies collectibles toys...etc. Can you imagine ! That is alot alot of miss out !!!!
So to make up for all my lost time, I went on a crazy search for Star Wars Collectibles.
Almost everyday, I would go to a toys shop or departmental stores to look for Star Wars after work.
Now I currently own :
Mini Lightsaber - 9
Figures w/ Playset, Scenes - 25
Twin Figures or Figures w/ creatures - 14
Single Action Figures - 108
12" Doll Figures - 19
6" Doll Figures - 2
1/7 scale Vinyl Figures - 3
Galactic Mini Figures Twin Set - 10
Vehicles - 4
Titanium Die Cast Vehicles - 12
Micro Machines Figures - 17
Micro Machines Playsets - 10
Action Fleet Vehicles & Playsets - 10
Lego - 4
Autograph - 2
Misc Star Wars Collections (keychains, bobble heads, Burger King Cups, Watch, Electronic Games, Poster, Pez, Pin, Games..etc ) - 49
The above was the result of my 4 months of Star Wars madness.......
I ended up having to buy three IKEA wooden shelvings to display my collection.
These toys are rather bulk and takes up alot of space.
So you can actually imagine how messy my whole house was.
I'm thinking of taking some pictures and post it up soon.
Some of the toys are really cool.
Some are funny, like the potato head of Darth Vader.
Some are scary.
Anyway, I like them all the same !!!!
May the Force Be With You.

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