Monday, September 25, 2006

Organizing Star Wars Toys

For many of you whom had been collecting Star Wars, we all know it will be going on and on….
Storage of the toys could be quite a problem.
There will always be something that will catch our eyes and we will buy it.
But when we bring it home, we need a place to put it.
I started out putting my collection into carton boxes.
But I find it rather tedious whenever I wanted to get something out to see.
Also I sometimes do not know which box contains what toys.
Ended up having to take eveything out for a search of an R2-D2.
So, after all the mess, I decided to get some shelvings.
The shelvings need not be expensive, solid wood types.
As the toys are usually not very heavy.
Like the Gorm shelves they are selling at IKEA will be nice and sturdy.
Next, will be the arrangement of the shelves.
Usually depends on what type of collections you have.
It will be good to pre-plan the distance between your shelfs.
Later adjustments will be quite tedious and difficult.
Especially if the room is small and space is a constraint.
So fix the distance and let's hope that we won’t need to change it.

I used those PVC plastic (for wrapping books) to pack my action figures into a 6 piece set.
As shown in my picture, I find it quite convient to view it together.
But try not to pack more than 6 as the PVC will become quite filmsy and hard to handle.

When wrapping, do not wrap too tight or too loose.
Too tight will cause your action figures cardboard to warp.
Sometimes the PVC plastic will also shrink due to hot weather.
So, it will be a good idea to constantly check on it.
If wrapping too loose, your figures will start to tilt here and there. Overlapping each other.

For some to the figures cardbox that has a unique rounded shape.
Like the "Revenge of the Sith" series.
It will be hard to pack then together.
Instead, buy mini storage boxes.
Brought mine at Daiso -$2.
Like those in the pictures.
Can also used plastic bags to wrap individual for protection of the figures.

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Wow, people like you do exist. It's not quite my cup of tea. But, if you are passionate about it that's all that matters. Keep it going.