Wednesday, August 29, 2007

All for Crystal Red Shrimps

My aquarium craze.... the tiny crystal red shrimps. Started keeping them early January this year.
My friend has a planted tank full of shrimps. It was so COOL and it motivates me !!!
Frankly speaking, I'm the lazy lazy type, that's why I never had a planted aquarium because I find it very troublesome. But now, it's all for the love of the crystal shrimps...........
I had actually tried to keep them without plants but it seems that the shrimps will die about one week or so.
So I hope with this planted tank it will be a suitable environment for them to live in. Set up this tank planted tank w/ electronic CO2 only on 27 August 2007. Now this tank only have 2 cherry shrimps that I've transferred from my 1ft tank. I want to wait for the water to be more stable before introducing any crystal shrimps. Too much casualties had happened before, so I have to be more patient.

Previously, this tank used to house some fishes and very easy to care for plant. As you can see below. These plant last about 6 months. I only put in one Co2 tablet once a week for them. Fishes here are then transferred to my 4ft tank to live with Discus and Angel fishes.

This is a mini tank 1 ft tank that I used to keep shrimps for the past 8 months. The tiny plants in front rot and make a mess out of the tank. I rearranged the tank just now and as you can see the water still blur. (See the 2 picture below). I brought 12 on friday, four died and I transferred 2 to the Boyu tank. So I'm left with 6 cherry shrimps in this tank.


heavenabove said...

Wow, I love your fish tanks! Very nice. If I ever need advice I know where to come.

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks. You are most welcome, my friend.

heavenabove said...

I have tagged you in yet another new blogging gme. Read my post to find out.

Also, my guinea pig is doing well so far. His or her personality is coming out now and it gets along fine with the cat.