Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sunday Trip

I went for a 1 day trip to Malaysia on Sunday, 5 August 2007.
Even though Singapore is so near to Malaysia, I didn't visit for maybe about 6 years.
Well, the reason I wanted to go there was to get some PEZ or candy toys.
I was able to get some there and also brought some star wars.
For candys toys that were manufactured locally was rather cheap.
Huge toy on top of a little candy stick.
Managed to get 4 pez at toys r us. it's a christmas winter set.
Included Santa Claus, Rindeer, Snowman & Icee Bear.
Icee bear was a PEZ that I've been looking for a long time.
Toys like star wars is almost the same price as the shopping in singapore, pez alike.
Take the Star Wars Galatic Heroes for example.
Singapore is selling S$10.00 and Malaysia is selling RM$19.90.
So it is really not much cheaper but you can get many good star wars characters there.
Singapore will be more difficult to find.
I'll post some of the pictures later. ... (Posted on 11 Aug 2007).
All in all, finding the toys I want was an enjoyable trip.

I was bored in the car, so I took a picture of my polo shirt.
Upside down view !!

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