Saturday, May 17, 2008

Italy - Venice

(Above Image from a Travel Brochure)
I was told that some of the buildings I saw there as 1st storey was actually the 3rd of fourth storey of the buildings!!!
Because the 1st few storeys of the buildings were already been submerged into waters.
The people famous transport is of course the Gondola.
Upon arrival at Venice, everyone has to stop at Piazzale Roma.
The Piazzale is built in 1933.
A water transport would them bring is into the heart of Venice - Grand Canal.
Venice is made up of 118 islands, intersected by 160 canals and connected by 400 bridges.

RIALTO BRIDGEThis Rialto Bridge is the oldest one within the canal.
Suprising, it was originally made of wood but it collapsed in 1440.
Then it was rebuilt again...wood again!!!
Only in the 16th century it was then properly built by Antonio da Ponte.
He completed it in 1592.
Rialto is a single span bridge, 28 m in length and with a maximum height of 7.5 meters in the middle.
It has two rows of shophouses on it!

The view opposite the Rialto bridge - Grand Canal.
It's a very beautiful place.

We walked into the small alleys in the busy streets of Venice.
The distance between the houses apart were mostly builted very closely to each other, about a full arm length apart.

In the photo, you can see the "BRIDGE OF SIGHS"
The bridge was designed by Antonio Contini in a 17th century Baroque style.
Joins the Doges Palace to the Prigioni Nuove (New Prisons).
The name is derived from the fact that the prisoners were being taken across it before being sentenced by the judge.

The mortal remains of St. Mark was brought into Venice in 828.
Thus a church was built to house this precious relics.
Built between 11th and 15th century by many different people but the result is a harmonious blend.
Standing in the middle of PIAZZA SAN MARCO
An open space where pigeons fly around, people enjoying art works, relax...etc.
Can also buy seeds to feed the pigeons when I was there.
But recently I've heard that this practice is banned!

At the Side of Basilica of St. Mark's

Venice In High Water!
Sometimes San Marco will be flooded...
Image from a Postcard.

Streets of Venice.
People are able to take Gondolas from here.
If you are there, I would highly recommend you to try a Gondola ride.

DOGES' PALACEA magnificent example of 14th century architecture.
It is a great museum containing works by many famous artists.

Venice... A place that I like very much beside Bavaria, Germany.
Surrounded with waters.
It a place where it is able to give one a romantic, exciting and yet also quiet and calm feelings...


Amélie said...

I hope you liked Venice, I think that is the most beautifull jewel of my country! If you would like to know something for an other trip to Italy let me know! I can suggest you something!

astrogalaxy said...

Hello Amelie, I definetly love Venice and if I have extra money, this is one place I would love to visit again and again!!! Cheers to you!

ßry™ said...

i'd really want to go to Italy. In fact, I'm planning to go to Rome this October. I wanted to see the roots of my religion - Roman Catholic.


astrogalaxy said...

Hi Bry,
Here wishing you in advance a smooth and enjoyable holiday!!!