Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tin Toys Robots

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On the 3rd of May 2008, I visited a toy museum.
I'm so captivated by the tin toys there especially Tin Toys Robots!
I decided I really want to keep some robots!
Aha...that makes me a 3 day old newie in this collecting circle!
Coming home with with my 1st robot - Planet Robot, I was telling my friends "I'll only buy one robot a month!"
So in 1 year, I would have 12 Robots!!!
I needed to control myself!!!
But I was not able to make it!
The next day I brought another 2 robots and 1 book on robots!
If by calulation, I would have to wait till August before I can get another robot!
Being an impulsive Aries, I'm not sure if I can last till August but I'll try.
Fascinated by all these tin toy robots.
I've entered in "Space" and place where there's countless of possibilities or danger!!!
There are some many different types of robots, vintage, old, new and reproduction…
Prices varies from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.
The history of tin toys robots…
Plus many different manufacturers and country of origin.
I'm…well… Lost in Space!

Brand : MOST
Size : 22 cm (H)

Planet Robot origins from the 1956 movie "Forbidden Planet" Home to a scientist Dr. Edward Morbius, his daugther Altaira and a robot named "ROBBY."
Robby robot suit was also in a movie called "The Invisible Boy" and some TV shows.
My FIRST Tin Toy Robot!
There was many robots for sale in the museum and I was rather confused as to buy which one???
The owner told me that this robot has a production run of only 500 pcs for this Blue colour.
Since blue also happened to be one of my favourite colour, I brought it and thus begins my Robot journey!!!
This Planet Robot is approx 9" tall.
Wind-up and as he walks, there's some sparks flashing inside the head.

Model : ME 100
Size : 31cm (H)

This is a reproduction of a famous Japanese Robot from the 1950s.
This 12" tall robot (aka Mr D Cell) required two "D" batteries.
He walks and his body is able to turns before opening up his chest with glowing guns and shooting sounds.
I was quite excited when the seller demonstrates his robot.
Simple old toys can bring lots of joy!
Then it was which colour to get! There was "Black, Dark Silver, Light Silver, Red and Blue."
Actually I was deciding between "Dark Silver" or "Red" and chose red, because not many robots comes in red.
It'll be easier for me to another type of robot in Silver color.

Brand : Ha Ha Toy
Model : TR 2011
Size : 30cm (H)

Smoking Spaceman was designed in the 1950's by Rikizo Miyazawa.
This 12" tall & solid looking robot is powered by two "D" batteries at his legs.
As he walks forward with blinking eyes, you be able to see some smokes releases from his mouth!
The moment the smoke comes out I was so amazed!!!
I'm completely taken in and it's a must have for my collection.
I'm in love with Robots now! Hee, hee...LOL!!!

Post Additions on 11 May 2008:
I brought 6 robots today!
I didn't actually thought I would get any today.
So I guess it's quite a surprised!

Mini Robot *
Model : ME 235
Size : 8cm (H)
It's very cute except that it's a pity that the hands are not moveable when wind-up.

Mini Robot *
Model : MS 406
Size : 10cm (H)
A joy to have! It's so small but yet it looks so steady when wind-up and starts walking. Hands moves as well!

Brand : OSN
Model : MS 404
Size : 22cm (H)

Brand : OSN
Mode : MS 375
Size : 20 x 17cm (L X H)
I found this Robot station extremely fun to look at.
The Robot would go in merry around around the station.
It makes me wind up so many times, I'm afraid I might spoilt it! LOL...

Brand : OSN
Model : MS 399
Size : 23cm (H)
The quality of this space man is quite good.
It's also quite heavy & solid.

Brand : SUPT
Model : MS 428
Size : 23cm (H)
Oh... I love this Robot and I'm glad I've finally got it today!
This is actually the 1st robot that caught my sight before I actually brought my 1st robot - Planet Robot (At the top of the page)!
Months ago, when I was shopping at Vivo City - CK Tangs, it was where I first saw this robot!
Even though I've found a similar one elsewhere!
I went back to CK Tang to get the Robot.

Post Additions on 5th July 2008:
Burger King Robot Case *
Size : 8cm (H)
I saw this Kid's Meal toy at Burger King today!
Although I've already brought an adult meal.
This cute little Robot Tin metal case had me to go buy a Kid's meal 3 hours later.
Oh boy...today I've eaten too much!

Post Addtions on 31 July 2008 :

Red Shoe Robot *
Model : MS386
Size : 17cm (H)
Don't know the name of this robot. Wonder if there's any???
Found this robot in a candy/gift shop.

Post Addtions on 27 December 2008 :
Mickey Mouse Spaceship w/ lights & sound
Make : Masudaya
Model : -
Size : 20cm (Dia)

This is one spaceship I like very much.

Post Addtions on 11 February 2009 :
Red Face Robot
Model : MS 413
Size : 15cm (H)

Post Additions on 20 March 2009 :
Make, model and size were added to this post.
* means the robot names were given by me because it does not have a name.
All sizes given are only based on the height of the tin toy robots, unless otherwise stated.

Mini Robot *
Model : MS 257 C
Size : 8 cm (H)

Radar Spaceship *
Model : MS 287
Size : 13.5 x 7.5cm (L XH)

Post Additions on 9 December 2009 :

Space Trooper Robot
Size : 23 cm (H)

Model : MS 360
Size : 23 cm (H)

Venus Robot
Model : MS 461
Size : 14 cm (H)

Model : MS 370
Size : 9cm (H)

Mini Robot

High Wheel Robot
Model : MS
Size : 25cm (H)
(Lost both the hands...oh no!!!)

Mini Rockets

Model : MS 249
Size : 8.5 cm (H)

Robot w/ drum
Model : MS 369
Size : 12 cm (H)

Baby Robot
Model : MS 013
Size : 9 x 10 cm (L X H)

Robot w/ roller legs
Model : C 771
Size : 14 cm (H)

Mr. Atomic
Model : MS 632
Size : 9 cm (H)

Space Explorer
Model : MS 264
Size : 9 x 10 cm (L X H)

Atomic Robot Man
Model : MS 415
Size : 13.5 cm (H)

Musical Drummer Robot
Model : TR 2021
Size : 22 cm (H)

Model : MS 371
Size : 9 cm (H)

Space Patrol
Model : MF 742
Size : 33 x 13 cm (L X H)

Robot Space Trooper - Black
Model : TR 2018
Size : 17 cm (H)

Space Man
Model : MS 438
Size : 22 cm (L X H)

Space Man
Model : MS 361
Size : 24 cm (H)

Robot Lilliput
Model : MS 397
Size : 15.5 (H)

(Swinging Rockets)
Model : MS 446
Size : 16 x 25 cm (L X H)

(Robot w/ swing)
Model : MS 366
Size : 12 x 30 cm (L X H)

Chief Robotman
Model : TR 2053
Size : 15 x 30 cm (L X H)


heavenabove said...

Robots are prety cool, huh? Did you ever get to watch the Jetson's cartoon as a kid? I wish they still made that show. How about the Pixar film Robots? That's a neat film.

I did comment to you on my site about the federal protection of animals. I'm sure you are even more familiar than me with the giant pandas in your country. We do the same thing over here with animals-except most folks seem to hate wolves so they aren't getting a fair chance at true recovery.

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks heavenabove!
I didn't watch Jetson's cartoon but I do have the Robot VCD (haven't watch!).
I've just returned from your blog... Now I know more about animals protection!
I still think people shouldn't take this as a opportunity to kill these animals! They simply don't have any rights to kill for no rhyme of reasons!!!
Giant Pandas belong to China. Sadly, in Singapore, we do not have any Pandas! Would love to see them if I could!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE ROBOTS! I really liked reading your post about how you discovered them and how you could not resist getting more and more! It is exactly how I felt and now after 13 years I have had around 200 over tin robots!

I used to collect every robot I could find, but I have since streamlined my collection quite a bit. Now I keep either boxed originals or just a few very well made reproductions.

Since Planet Robot is your first tin robot, you should check out the www.planetrobot.com people, IMHO they make the very best affordable reproductions you can find.

Have fun always and be watch out! ... your robots will completely take over all your Pez soon!

astrogalaxy said...

Wow...you have 200 over robots!!!
What a great collection! Tin robots just have that kind of magical attraction I guess! Once I see it, the way it moves, the rata-ta sound...etc, I'm hooked on Robots!
Thanks for the link, I'll go check it out now!
Happy collecting too!

Michael Lipsey said...

Found Space Man MS 361 at Salvation Army store today. What a thrill. And nice to see him on your site. Cost me a buck. Love these tin toys.

Mike Lipsey

astrogalaxy said...

That's a great find! Very lucky ^-^