Saturday, July 26, 2008

24 hours Star Wars RUSH

The day has finally arrived!
26th July 2008 - Star Wars Clone Wars Toys Launch!
It's now 11.37pm and I have just settle down back home about an hour ago!
Whole body ache! Especially leg pain!
Visited a lot of Singapore departmental stores today.
Managed to find all the figures I was looking for including some unexpected finds!
Now to recap my 24 hour Star Wars toy trip.
"24 hours of a Star Wars Fans"

Reached Forum mall shopping centre at about 11.15pm, Friday 25th July 2008.
There was some activity on stage including lucky draws of some Star Wars collectibles to be given away.
Immediately, I took a fast snap shots of the 501st legion and quickly proceeded to join in the queue.

Toys R Us - Rule, Regulations and Promotions notice!

1st Stage - Basement level queue.
Everyone needs to get a no. tag before entering the lift in a group of about 8 people each time.

Clone Wars posters were hung up inside the shopping centre.

Not long, I spotted Vader coming and entering the lift!
By the time I take out my camera... least I got a his back view!LOL!

Stage 2 - Up the Lift! Queue at 3rd Storey...Getting ready to dash into the store!
We were all ushered up to the lift to reached TRU systematically.
To get ready for the 12 midnight launch on 26 July 2008.
I can hear from the manager at basement shouting into the walkie talkie "Get everyone up by 12 midnight...Quickly..."
They really managed to get everyone up by 12!Incredible!

Count down to Clone Wars timer board.
I think TRU did a very good job on this event.
No mess up and everything was in a good order!

Store front of Toys R Us!

My disappointment is the the BMF, priced too expensive.
At least for me, it is! It is priced at S$339.90.
The AT-TE packaing is impressive looking.
Couldn't find the Clone Trooper helmet, only have the Darth Vader voice changer.
I brought some action figures and 1 clone wars vehicle.
Especially glad that I've found the Ewok AF, including many AF with the 1st day of issue sticker and shiny foil Star Wars logo.

Basement's all clear out!
I left the place at about 1 am.

Interval Time : Home Sweet Home...Snoozeeee...Snooze..... Zzzzzz.ZzzzZZzzzzzzz

26th July 2008 - 11.30pm
My first stop... Orchard Road.
...Takashimaya Toy Departmental Store!

Then to
>>> Paragon TRU>>> Paragon Metro>>>Isetan>>> Back to Forum TRU again ...

>>> Centrepoint - Robinson>>> Beside Centrepoint - OG>>> Parco - BHG>>> OG near bencoolen>>> Raffles City - Robinson>>> Suntec City - TRU>>> Suntec City - Carrefour>>> Vivo City - TRU>>> People's Park - OG>>>Tampiness-TRU>>>Century Square-BHG and last stop, Jurong Point - TRU

Photo taken on the way to Jurong Point.
Junction at Macpherson.
Nice sky... Time is about 7 plus.
I was rather tired by then but I'm glad today did not rain.
Last stop - Jurong Point - TRU. Reached home about 10pm.

Stuffs I brought at the TRU Clone Wars Midnight Launch.
I got a free holographic General Grievious and a poster for purchases above S$150.00.

Stuff I brought later in other departmental stores.
Completed the Action Figures that I've wanted to find.
Plus, very happy to find the Mighty Muggs and Star Wars vehicles too.
My sum up total purchases for this 24 hours Star Wars rush is S$410.00.
I'll post their individual photos later in their respective posts.

This is also the first time seeing so many Star Wars collectors hunting on the same day.
Some are also quite friendly and strangers would come and strike up conversations.
Chat about their collections, what they or you are looking for...etc.
Letting one another know where got this or there got what!!! Hee hee...
I would say I really enjoy the midnight launch and go crazy around Singapore looking for the AF I want. Aha...LOL!
This post concluded my first experience with Star Wars Toy launch!

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