Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Star Wars - Clone Wars stuffs

Updated Post on 2 September 2008

I'm actually quite excited over the midnight launched for Clone Wars toys in Toys R Us nationwide.
It will be my very first experience for a Star Wars midnight event.
So, I'm looking forward to it everyday and now it's only 3 days away...
I hope I'll be able to see the 2.5ft Big Millenium Falcon (BMF) on the shelves that night.
And hopefully the price of it will not be too high, so that most people can afford it in times like these.
The Star Wars mania in me says "Buy it!Buy it! It's the biggest Star Wars Hasbro toy ever!"
"It's your favourite Star Wars spaceship."
"It's got lights like the movie's Millenium Falcon!"
"It can fit in 18 Star Wars Action Figures!"
... ... ... ...
The other side of me tells me : "You've already got a 1.5ft sized MF and a galactic heroes MF, it doesn't really make any difference if you buy one more!"
"Please save some money for rainy days !"
"Don't buy now! Might ended up as SALE item sometime later!"
"You have NO space at home for such a BIG spaceship!"
Confusing, huh?
....LOL at myself...I'm getting headaches over a TOY! AHA...haaaaaaaa

And well, as for the movie, frankly speaking, seeing the movie trailer didn't really make me like the movie. But I still do have high expectation and anticipation for a Star Wars animation film.
So I really can't comment anything now because the movie's not even out yet.
As a Star Wars fans, I naturally hope that this will be another of George Lucas sell-out blockbuster!!
While I was surfing the net, I found some interesting infos, vidoes and images.
Here's sharing the trailer first :

Clone Wars Trailer

Credits : U-Tube - Cor112600

George Lucas speaks about Clone Wars

Credits : U-Tube - Associated Press

About Toys R Us - Clone Wars Midnight Event :
26th July 2008 at the storke of midnight (12.01am of 26th July 2008).
More than 225 Toys R Us stores are included round the world.
Two biggest Toys R Us events held will be at Times Square and Mission Bay in San Diego.
There will be a "Clone Costume Contest" encouraged fans to dress as clone characters at these two places.
In US - Free Limited Edition Holographic General Grievous Figure with any Star Wars action figure/role-play purchase of more than $30.00!
FREE Limited Edition Clone Wars Poster with any LEGO Clone Wars product purchase of $30 or more.
Not sure about other country, in Singapore we have to purchase S$150.00 to get a Grievous and S$30.00 to get the poster.
There is also a "Galactic Star Wars Sweepstakes" for a chance to win a "Life Size Figure" from Star Wars Clone Wars. It's so COOL! But open only to Residents of United States and who are 13 years of age w/ active e-mail account...etc.

About Star Wars - The Clone Wars Movie :

Clone Wars is a CGI animated Science Fiction film.
To be releases in theaters on 15th August 2008.
Singapore movie release date is on 28 August 2008.
Clone Wars takes place between "Star Wars Episode II and Episode III."
Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan-Ahsoka Tano find themselves on a mission to face Jabba the Hutt. On the other side, Count Dooku and Asaji Ventress will ensure Anakin and Ahsoka fail their quest.

Directed By : Dave Filoni
Produced By : George Lucas / Catherine Winder
Written by : Henry Gilroy/Steven Melching and Scott Murphy
Voice Cast :
Anakin Skywalker - Matt Lanter
Obi-Wan Kenobi - James Arnold Taylor
Ahsoka Tano - Ashley Drane
Yoda - Tom Kane
Count Dooku / Darth Tyranus - Christopher Lee
Mace Windu - Samuel L. Jackson
Darth Sidious - Ian Abercrombie
Asajj Ventress - Nika Futterman
Padme Amidala - Catherine Taber
C-3PO - Anthony Daniels
General Grievous - Matthew Wood

Post Additions on 2 September 2008:
I'm just back from watching the Clone Wars.
I would say if this is NOT an animated movie, it would really be a very good one then!
The story and the editing is very good.
The thing I really don't like about the Clone Wars movie is the hair on Obi-Wan and Anakin.
The thick beard on Obi Wan is much worse...
There's no life in their hairs. It just looks like some sort of papercut...flat and stick there with tons of hard hair gels!
U see them fighting, running, jumping all over the place, but the hair is exactly the same!
No movements... I wonder why?
As for the Hasbro Big Millenium Falcon, if anyone is wondering whether I've brought it, the answer is Nope! I am turn-off by the price of S$339.000.


media boy said...

so Lucas finally got to make (or a least approve of) a whole Star Wars movie after his love for CGI... looks fun though

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Media Boy!
Yeah, he got lots of Star Wars collectors around the world running mad to get those new Clone Wars action figures on the 1st day of release!