Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trexi We All Speak Football

Trexi Coca Cola We All Speak Football 2006 series
Released Date : May 2006
These Trexi does not have a name. Only the designer name is listed.
Each also comes with a removable Coca Cola bottle like the Better Tomorrow Trexi series.
This series does not come in a blind box.
What you see on the box art is what you get inside.
Each has a specific indivdual designed box.

Designer : Danny Chan, Winson Ma, Touma

Touma Trexi is quite special.
The box has a detachable paper cap which can be fix to the Trexi.

Designer : Jim Koch, Mori Chack, Darren Gan

Designers : Eleven 18, Huck Gee, Kei Sawada

Designers : Jeremyville, Rolito, Ultraman

This Ultraman design Trexi has a very nice backpack.
It's of my favourites Trexi in this series.

Designers : Huang Tzu Chiao, Furi Furi

Designers : Yonia Airene, Devilrobots, Sam Fout

Designers : LAB., Tim Tsui, Koa

Designers : DGPH, Erwin Weber, Tracy Tubera

Designers : Jon Burgerman, MCA

Checklist of Coca Cola - We all speak Football 2006
Total : 25
Danny Chan / HongKong
Darren Gan / Singapore
Devil Robots / Japan
DGPH / Argentina
Eleven 18 / Malaysia
Erwin Weber / Netherlands
Furi Furi / Japan
Huang Tzu Chiao / Taiwan
Huck Gee / USA
Jeremyville / Australia
Jim Koch / USA
Jon Burgeraaah / UK
Kei Sawada / Japan
KOA / France
LAB. / Singapore
Mori Chack / Japan
Rolito / France
Sam Fout / USA
Tim Tsui / Hong Kong
Touma / Japan
Tracy Tubera / USA
Ultraman / Hong Kong
Winson Ma / Hong Kong
Yonia Airene / Singapore

For other Trexi in Series, Designers Series and Coca Cola Better Tomorrow Trexi, please click on my blog sidebar link under Vinyl Toys.
If anyone has blogs or infos about Trexi, please feel free to drop in a comment and give me the link. Thanks!


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astrogalaxy said...

Hello Novice_blogger,
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Hazel said...

wow, those design are special and nice

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks Hazel, this little ones has really got me crazy searching all over for them, hee hee...
Happy Chinese New Year to you in advance!

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Hazel said...

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Food is very very nice.
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desmond said...

Do you like TOYREVIL toys from Andy? I like one of his designed vinyl figures but didn't get it as the price is a bit expensive..

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Desmond,
I've just went over to his blog.
There's a wide range of vinyl collectibles. Most of which I've not seen before.
Some of the figures are nice.
But I don't think I will branch into this categories of more budget$$$! LOL!