Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lunar New Year Chinatown 2009

I was at Chinatown a few hours ago.
Last minute decision, so I didn't bring my camera.
The pictures you see here were taken using my handphone camera.
Went there to see if there's anything for this year lunar new year and also have my favourite chicken rice for dinner.
I find that this year, there are lesser stalls and so are the people.
Probably due to this bad economy downturn.
But it is still a nice place to visit during the lunar new year.
I noticed that the vendors this year like to say :
"Free sample, come try... don't walk so fast, come try..."
The "don't walk so fast" sentence got my attention!
Then I started to notice, business seems quite a challenge this year.
Most people are just walking, looking around..empty handed.
Not much purchasing this year, I guessed.
Tomorrow it will be the last day, on the eve of lunar new year.
There will be a TV live celebration there with countdown to the coming year.
Afterwhich, more people are expected to go there after midnight.
Stall vendors would try to sell off everything, then packed up, and clear out by early morning.

Lots of stalls are now selling Taiwan products like mochi, candies, soft jelly...etc.
As compared to last year, this year's price is probably about 20%-40% cheaper.

Typical look of Chinese new year decorating stalls.

Chinese calligraphy writtings.
You can request this man to write auspicious chinese characters words at different prices.
Many believe that sticking this red paper on the house doors, walls...etc is auspicious during the new year.

I would like to wish you all who are visiting my blog a very HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!
May all be in good health and have a smooth ride in the OX year 2009!
Gong Xi Fa Cai! 恭喜发财


Small Footprints said...

Happy Lunar New Year to you too! The festival looks beautiful and it seems that everyone had fun. Wow ... you take great pictures ... no matter which kind of camera you use! Thank you for sharing them with us.

I wish you health and happiness in the year of the Ox.

Small Footprints

astrogalaxy said...

Thank you for your compliments, small footprints.
I too wishes you all will be happy and lucky in whatever you do.

heavenabove said...

Happy Lunar New Year to you also! I really enjoy seeing your photos from around the world.

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks heavenabove,
So glad to hear from you again!
Hope all is well with you.

Darrel said...

I grew up in the Philippines and from what I see thru your camera (phone) its much the same culture.
I enjoyed the trip

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks Darrel.
May you have a great OX year!

seafoodpunch said...

Man, I miss Chinatown. I used to roam around all those stalls as a kid and all that crap just fascinated me. Everything smelled like pastic too...i remember that. Nice blog by the way. I'm on to something similar....random topics..but mine started with "weird-foods" and somehow deviated into mosquitoes, minotaurs and spontaneous combustion.

good times!
and again, great photos!

astrogalaxy said...

hello seafoodpunch,
I'm just back from reading your blog. It's great with different topics and humor!
I like your gallery drawings too, they are very COOL!

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Lunar New Year to you!! I've been out from the blogosphere due to some design work and stuff.

Anyway, the Lunar New Year there is definitely colourful!

astrogalaxy said...

Greetings Charles,
Actually you are not late, our Chinese New Year last for 15 days. For this year, the last day falls on the 9 February 2009. Every year the date is different.
I had visited your blog a couple of times but it was undergoing changes. I'm sure is looking forward to your new designed blog!