Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Singapore first protected wetland.
In 1986 : A group of birdwatchers from Malayan Nature Society from Singapore branch wrote a proposal to the government for it's conservation.
1989 : Area of 87 hectares of wetland
(Designated as a nature park)
2002 : Area of 130 hectares of Sungei Buloh
(Officially gazetted as nature reserve and renamed as "Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve)
2003 : Sungei Buloh became Singapore's first ASEAN Heritage Park.

I was at Sungei Buloh on the 30th January 2009.
The weather was good and I had a very enjoyable walk that day.
Upon arrival, I took the free map at the visitor counter and there are 3 different routes.
Route 1 which is approxmately 3km is about 1-2 hours walk.
Route 2 : Approximately 5km, 2-3 hours walk.
Route 3 : Approximately 7km, 4.5 hours walk.
I knew I would take much longer time as I was taking photographs, so I selected Route 1.
The next time, if I'm there early, I would like to try out the route 2 or 3.
I've been to Sungei Buloh a few times and I never forget the first time I was there, many years ago.
I brought my rabbit along for a stroll, not knowing that no pets are allowed, we both were not able to be admitted! LOL!

A unique letterbox outside the visitor centre.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Visitor Centre
Location : 301, Neo Tiew Crescent Singapore 718925
Opening Hours : 7.30am - 7.00pm (Mon - Sat)
7.00am - 7.00pm (Sunday and Public Holidays)
Admission : Free Entry except on Saturday, Sundays, PH and School Holidays (8.30am - 6pm).
S$1.00 per adult / S$0.50 per child or senior citizen
(Remember to get a free map here!)

A metal pledge on a big stone reads :
Sungei Buloh Nature Park
Officially opened by
Mr. Goh Chok Tong
Prime Minister
6 December 1993

This is the biggest Kingfisher I've seen so far.
He was perching on the fence just outside the vistor centre.
Some vistors got very excited and you see huge cameras started to setup to capture this cute bird.
There was a couple and the lady asked "Is that real? It's not moving..."
I turned over and told her "It's is a real bird, I saw it move a little earlier!"
They both seemed happy!
Then the guy said he used to live in kampong area when he was a kid but have never seen a kingfisher so big!

Walkway in the park

Signboard : Care for nature - No catching of birds and No Fishing!
Looking at this sign, I can't help thinking of Elmo! (My pet cockatiel)
Reminds me of Elmo having his wings trimmed at the pet shop.
The guy at the pet shop grab him so tight and it looks just like this picture!

The first squirrel I saw.
Snap, snap, snap... the squirrel must have find me a nuisance.

Can you spot the bird?

Razor/Pencil Fish
There are lots of fishes like this in the water.

A Bird Observation Hide

This squirrel is very cute.
He was so busy eating, he didn't know I was slowly getting nearer and nearer to him.
When I was only just 3 feet away, he decided to discard his lunch and ran off!

A simple screen for viewing.

Monitor Lizard
I used to see a few of them but my this trip, I only spotted this one.
This one is not very big.
Actually seem tame and friendly.
I took a few photographs and left quietly.
Then, I remembered my previous trip, I saw a very big one.
I was scared and luckily the Monitor Lizard also seemed scared by my present and ran off fast...

I wonder what is these wooden poles for?

Snails crawling up the tree


Flora Mangrove
Name : Rhizophora apiculata
Family : Rhizophoraceae
Common Name : Bakau Minyak

Description : A medium sized tree reaching 30 meters
tal with smooth to slightly cracked grey bark. The thick
leaf has a sharp pointed tip. The leaf stalk and stipule
(leaflike appendage to a leaf) are often tinged red in
colour. The cream coloured flower comes in paris and
without stalks. The brown fruit looks like an inverted pear
with persistent calyx (modified leaf forming a proctective
layer that would remain without falling off). The green
with purple hypocotyl is measured up to 33 cm long and
cylindrical in shape with a blunt knob at the end.

Uses : The wood is a source of timber, firewood,
charcoal, piles and fishing stakes. The branched stilt
roots are used for anchors weigh down by a stone.
Medicinally, the bark may be used
as an antidysenteric.

Aerie at Sungei Buloh (Route 1)
This aerie can be seen in many different parts in the park.
Height of tower is 18m
Width of deck is 9m
Number of steps to deck is 72 steps.

View from the main hide

Mudskipper / Goby

It took me about 3 hours plus to complete Route 1 and it was then 5 plus when I left Sungei Buloh. It was a nice visit this time except that I was feeling quite hungry.
The next time, I'll remember to bring something to eat, more water and a pair for binoculars.
Please click here to view the Kranji Dam and parks! It's a place very near to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.


Jane said...

Wow, the effort you've put into this! Such a nature-lover. Good pictures :) I'll check up your blog again if I ever go to Sungei Buloh.

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Jane,
Thank you for visting my blog!
Have a wonderful day!

Small Footprints said...

What a beautiful place ... and so many "critters". I'm especially fascinated by the King Fisher ... he's beautiful and so different from the King Fishers I've seen here (in the US). I've been in a mangrove before and your pictures reminded me of that experience and of the wildlife that live there. Wonderful!

BTW ... thank you for posting a banner about Earth Hour 2009. I hope everyone participates and "votes" for the earth with their light switch!

Take Care!

Small Footprints

astrogalaxy said...

Oh thank you small footprints!
I really enjoy reading your post on the Earth hour. Glad I am still in time to join in to put a little effort too! Sure hope more people can join in this meaningful project.
You take care too! Have a wonderful week!

Elise said...

Crap! I must have missed this. I went there on my way to Australia once and spent the entire time shopping and going out at night... I'll have to organise another trip and do things properly next time xx

astrogalaxy said...

Hello Elise,
It's really wonderful to hear from you. Hope everything's well with you! Take Care!

Looney said...

Very nice pictures. I have been avoiding going back to Singapore, but you are making it look much more seductive. I used to go every two or three years, but it has probably been more than 10 years now.

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Looney,
Thank you and I'm glad you like the pictures.
Singapore has change quite drastically in this 10 years or so but sadly, I'm seeing more "concrete" instead of the beautiful green grass - nature!
Many old buildings gave way to newer ones, although I would prefer to have the older ones that has greater history...
Lots of constructions going on now and 2 casino will be ready in 2010.
I'm not sure if you like marine animals and fishes. But if you do, maybe you'll like the Underwater world and dolpin lagoon at Sentosa.
Hope you'll like it if you visit Singapore again.