Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Elmo The Cockatiel

Updated Post on 12 July 2008, 13 June 2009

These are Elmo's latest photographs.
Elmo was quite uneasy taking pictures today.
But after some coaxing plus praising!
Elmo is a happy bird!

Facts About Cockatiel
Scientific name : Nymphics Hollandicus
Lifespan : 10 - 15 years

Their name were derived from Dutch word "Kakatielje" meaning "Little Cockatoo".
Australia is the native home for Cockatiels. In 1894, Australia banned exportation of all native birds.
Hence, our pet cockatiels are all bred domestically!
The Lutino cockatiel is most affected by the genetic defects giving them balding on the head.

Cockatiels wings need to be trim every 4 - 6 months. Their nails also need some trimming.

Breeding :Ideal breeding age is 18 months. A clutch consists of 4-5 eggs, each size is approx. of one's thumbnail. Eggs are laid once every two days and incubated for about 19 days. Hatchlings are weaned in 4 weeks. Puberty is reached around 9 months. Adulthood is reached around 15 months.

Sexing : Only after the 1st molt (aprrox. 6 - 9 months of age) , the adult colouring will show.
For normal gray cockatiels : Males have bright yellow face. Female has grey face with traces of pale yellow.
After the molt, the male's tail feathers will be solid gray color & the female will remain patterned.
Food that can Kill your cockatiel : Alcohol, avocado or chocolate.

Post Additions on 12 July 2008 : Added 4 photos!
Elmo lastest photos - taken on 8 July 2008
Has Elmo grown?

Elmo favourite pastime - Standing by the windows and watch people and cars goes by!
Sometimes, she will also just fell asleep standing in the windows grilles!

Yesterday, Elmo went for her 2nd wing clippings.
Then I took her for a one day tour around Singapore!
Aha...we simply went to some Neighbourhood places, Orchard and Raffles Place.
I noticed that Elmo really likes to look around and very curious about her surroundings.
Some strangers will pat her on her back.
Some says she's cute.
A funny thing happened.
I was in the carpark and had Elmo standing on top of her transportation cage.
A guy came by my car and asked me "Is that bird a real bird?"
As Elmo was just standing there, not moving around... I laughed!
"'s real" I replied!
By the time I got home at about 8 plus... she was very sleepy.
She rested and was quiet for about an hour but started to jump around her cage afterwards.
Oh boy...birds are really active!

Post additions 13 June 2009
Elmo flew out of my windows this afternoon.
He flew out and up and in just a few seconds...out of sight!



How on earth can avocado kill a cockatiel? Isn't that what they eat in the wild (note: I'm a bit dense when it comes to this sort of thing)?

astrogalaxy said...


If you do search on bird keepers sites or forums. Professional birdkeeps all said avocado can kill a cockatiel. I am also surprised when I learned this...
Thanks for dropping by!!!

lil'piggy said...

awwww..... what a sweet pet. Looks identical to my Waldo, who recently died of egg binding.
Very soon I will add a blog about my menagerie of pets and I will include my Waldo.
Take good care of your Elmo!!

astrogalaxy said...

Hello lil'piggy
Sorry to hear about Waldo!
Am looking forward to seeing your pets on your blog! Cheers!