Thursday, June 14, 2007

How I spend my day

Today, I'm a little lazy. Have not work on improving my blog like yesterday.
Breakfast : Koko Crunch w/ cold holicks drink. Am eating the Koko crunch because of the free spiderman toy. Green Goblin.
Went to the aquarium shop to buy a battery pump because I got a letter from the HDB that they are cutting the electricity supply from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm for servicing of don't know what riser ? ? ?
I got the pump along with 4 cute little orange molly fishes and 4 red guppies.
Got home, cooked lunch and dinner together, save the trouble of needing to think what I have to eat.
Spent my entire afternoon watching the japanese anime " Inuyasha ". Only at boxset 3. Still a long way to go. Total 13 VCD boxset.
Ate a " Bub's " ice cream - Lava brownie. Then felt too fat, so I went to home. On a exercise bike.
Evening time, got out to buy batteries for the fish pump. Brought some cakes.
After dinner, I was shocked to see my cherry shrimps gone......... Does guppy eat shrimps ? I remember seeing 5 cherry red shrimp and 1 rocket shrimp the night before. Now all I see is 1 cherry & 1 rocket shrimp. Hump.... TANK UNDER INVESTIGATION.
Played the GBA Pokemon game " Mystery Dungeon" - Purity forest.. which I hated most. Died at 81 storey. For those of you whom had played this game will agree with me I guess. Reaching 99 storey is no easy stuff. I've once reached storey 98 & died !!! Imagined the anger in me that day, almost crashed my game boy.
Then switched to practising my guitar, my out of tune play. What to do, so long did not play..... An hour later, gave up. Fingers pain !!!!!
Now watching the 10 pm U channel hong kong drama and typing this.
This is " How I Spend My Day "

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