Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Take Out The PEZ Candy & Candy Dispensers !

See the Ice Age 2 PEZ. I've took out the candy !!
Can't really spot it right ?
Use a penknife to slice an opening at the bottom of the candy.
(Not the cardboard. It's the front plastic form.)
Empty those candy gently.
Carefully wrap the candy wrapper back into it's original form.
Do not press hard as it will dent the paper.
Only Air (Free) is inside.
Put it back slowly and see it just looks like an unopened PEZ.
Use a small piece of transparent scotch tape to tape the bottom back.
This is the only PEZ I tried.
A good option for those living in hot climate countries. Avoid melting of candy.
Also for those who loves to eat PEZ !!!!

Other Candy Dispensers :

This cute Pokemon Pikachu Candy Dispenser is from Bandai 1998.
I think the candy is no longer available in the market.
Open the white colour part in front of Pikachu.
Push him face down and he will bring up a candy to you !
That explains why his both hands looks like a zombie.

This little dispenser was filled with colourful tiny balls of candy.
Got this in Australia, Sydney in 1997.
From a candy store. I think its in the "SEGA World ".
I like it very much. Have always like those huge gum dispenser.
It is called "Micro Wizard" by Wizard Toys, Inc.
Turn the knob and guess the color of the candy !
Or sometimes I would turn and turn till I get the colour I want.
Will put back those unwanted ones. Sounds Yucks ?
No, it's ok as I am the only one eating this candy !!!

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