Friday, June 15, 2007

Movie Magic - When I was a Kid

sI was still a little kid when I watch my first star wars movie. I think it was the "Empire Strikes Back".
I thought everything was real, there really was such a galaxy existed, no one ever told me it was all created by George Lucas. I would dreamed that when I grow up, I would want to live in space.
And that I want to fly in the Millenium Falcon and play with R2-D2.
Now I wanted to know how they actually make these movies.
Imagine George Lucas can acutally come up with so many characters.
Everyone has their unique traits. Everyone has it's place and time. A reason to be there.
I can only wish that one day I can actually see these movies props or visit the skywalker ranch.
I wonder how the "Skywalker Ranch" will be like.
To me , that' the closest place on Earth to feel like you are actually in the Star
Wars galaxy.
Am reading the Making of Episode I - The Phantom Menace by Laurent Bouzereau & Jody Duncan.
If you are like me, curious to know how Star Wars was created, get this book.
It is very informative and I like the art works of Mr Doug Chiang
There are many beautiful sketches of Episode I pictures inside.
Of course, there is also the other episodes to making of Star Wars book.
I will be reading them after I complete Episode I book first. About 15 pages more to go…

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heavenabove said...

I was about 7 years old when the original Star Wars came out. When Return of the Jedi came out years later, my one brother and I would walk to the theater 3 times a day to see this it. We sat in every differentseat in the place! Star Wars is a great saga. What a great imagination Lucas has! I also wish I could live inside that universe. I used to have a bunch of the first Star Wars books but I have recently passed them along to my nephew.

I will a link from my blog to your site to try to get more Star Wars fans to you.