Sunday, January 06, 2008

Baby Cockatiel

Today announces the arrival of 1 baby cockatiel.
Aha, actually it's just I've brought it in the pet shop this morning.
Arrived home in a small little box with shreds of old newspaper.
It was making sounds and seems very afraid becuase it's shaking.
Hope it will settle down soon.
It's been ages since I kept a pet bird.
20 or 25 years ago, maybe... Can't remember now.
I've got so many questions I need to ask.
Last night, I was reading books about cockatiels till about 3am.
Now having a bad headache...
If there's anyone out there keeping cockatiels, do pass me some tips about caring from them. Thanks in advance.

I brought a bird stand on Friday.
Had wanted to prepare everything ready before purchasing the bird.
But the bird is too young to use it.
So, it's now in the plastic box.

This is the stand for my cockatiel. Use a plastic sheet to wrap around the bottom half. It'll help to prevent seeds from dropping all over the place. Cleaning is also easy with the removable tray.

According to the pet shop, it'll take about another 2 weeks before it can be on solid food and eating on it's own. The feeding now is restricted to milk powder and feeding through syringe.
Formula is 1 spoon of milk power plus 3 part lukewarm water.
"Make sure it is not too thick or hot too." as told by the pet shop owner.

Feeding is 2 times a day - 8ml. Feed 3 times if you want it to grow fast but cannot feed too much. Also put some spray millets in the box, to gradually introduce solid food.
The pet shop said the bird is now about close to 2 months.
2 weeks later, I should bring back to the shop to check if the wings needed to be trimmed. I just went to the take a peep at him/her? Seemed to be better now. Maybe it's the clock I've put beside the box. Tick, Tick, Tick sound got some calming effect!
I'll need to get some toys too. I read from the books they love playing with toys but you'll need to change it to prevent them getting bored. Hee, Hee, just like me!
Toys... Toys... Toys! Hurray!

Post Addtions : 10.04pm
I almost got heart attack feeding the baby bird.
This morning when the pet shop owner demostrates to me, it all seem easy & fast.
Just now, when I all doing it, the milk squirted all over the little baby's face.
Poor bird! Elmo seemed so hungry.
Oh yes, forget to say my cockatiel is call "ELMO."
Elmo's tiny little head just kept moving and poking at the syringe.
Making tons of noise and makes me even more panic.
Finally, it was all over... Gave Elmo 10ml of liquid food.
Now, Elmo is sleeping !!!

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Serge said...

Cute baby bird!!! I hope it becomes a fan of Bon Jovi and rock music as its owner!