Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Elmo Baby Gallery

This post made for my pet cockatiel which arrive home on Sunday.
Elmo is about close to 2 months as told by the pet shop.
I'll start naming the days from the day Elmo arrive.
Pictures are captures on different days to see Elmo progress.
Please be back to visting this SAME POST as I'll continue to update till Elmo turns adult.

ELMO - 2nd Day

ELMO-3rd Day

ELMO - 4th Day

Elmo - 5th day

Post Additions on 18 January 2008
6th Day At Home

7th Day

8th Day

Do you think Elmo looks like a hen? Elmo also like to sleep in this position.

Hello, Kiss!Kiss!

11th Day

Elmo learning to eat solid food.

Out for a walk.

13th Day

I transferred Elmo to the bird stand today.
Elmo seems rather happy too.
You see Elmo walk round and round.
Jump up and down. Whistle Whistle...
Well, I glad Elmo likes it.

Caution Look. New House !

Stretching Wings

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