Thursday, January 24, 2008

Elvis 1000 pieces

This has to be my most time consuming jigsaw puzzle I've ever done!
When I started, I don't even have the confidence that I'll ever complete it.
Or long how I might need.
I started off fixing the surrounding frame of the picture.
Then I proceed to sorting each out by shades.
Lights pieces, dark pieces, in between of nowhere pieces.
When I could fix no more, I re-sort everything again.
So, it's like more time spent on sorting than fixing.
Whenever there's someone visitng at my house, I would tell them "Please be careful!", "Please do not touch!"
Which leads to them asking me everytime when they see me, "Have you completed the Elvis Puzzle?"
I'll flatly replied "Soon!"
Sometimes, I do get lucky.
Sometimes, it's not even a piece fixed in.
Luck plays a big part here too.
After months and months of hard work, it was finally completed!

Close Up. Each piece is printed with an Elvis picture.
This was probably what had motivated me to complete the puzzle.

Zoom In Elvis's face.

Size : 68 x 51 cm (Completed puzzle size)
Pieces : 1000


Monday Morning Power said...

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stacys1175 said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog:)WOW!! that puzzle looks really hard to do. you did a very good job putting it togather. and I like the fact it has little pictures of him on the puzzle pieces thats neat:)I know I could not do something like that I don't have the patience:) have a good day