Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Error PEZ

Post Updated on 1st May 2008

As it's title suggests, this are PEZ that have errors or mistakes.
Collecting these makes the collection more interesting.
Imagined having to go through all the PEZ in stores CLOSE UP!!!
Quite a challlenge and extremely hard to find.

Meet the Robinson
Have you noticed what's the error in this PEZ?
Look closer!
Can't find?
Take a look at his eyebrows!!!
(Ans : It's not painted)

One eye Simpsons
Guess this one is not hard to spot!

As I've learned from the PEZ Community, they call this type of PEZ (below) : Naughty PEZ.
Like little kids who are punish by the teacher for being naughty to stand facing the wall.
All these PEZ are pack on the wrong side and it seems they are standing facing on their back.

Naughty PEZ : Monster Inc.

Naughty PEZ : Rataouille

Naughty PEZ : Shrek the Third

Post Addition on 1 May 2008
Poor Homer : Without his mouth!!!



Hmm, there's a lot of Pez going on here. But seriously, if something was facing the wrong was round in a package I think I'd leave it be and think it's defected lol.


astrogalaxy said...

Yap! Yap! jamjarsuperstar,
I didn't open these few pez! It's kept in their original package!
There's still some more PEZ post I'll be posting these few days!Aha, I hope I didn't bored you with all these PEZ!

dj said...

Can i have the Wilber Meet The Robinsons Errors

dj said...

Can i have the Meet the Robinsons Error Please?

astrogalaxy said...

Sorry DJ, I don't sell my PEZ.

DJPez said...

I collect Wilber from meet the robinsons error pez and that is a great find and want to know if i can bye it.

astrogalaxy said...

Sorry, it's not for sale.