Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fuzzy PEZ

These cute little furry fuzzy PEZ animals.
Able to hold PEZ candy inside their stuff body!

Forest Animals PEZ
Rabbit, Owl Moose & Fox

The PEZ candy include inside is about half the size of the normal PEZ candy.

I got this Counter Display Box from Toys R Us.
Actually they dumped this empty box at a bin!!!
When I saw it, I asked the supervisor if I can have it...
He said Ok and gave it to me.



Yeaaa! They're SO cute! I want one, where on earth can I get one of these aborable little PEZes?

astrogalaxy said...

hi jamjarsuperstar,
Does the place you live have a "Toys R Us" store? I got mine there! But I think these PEZ comes out in different season! So you might have to wait for a new season of fuzzy pez to come out! Or you can check out on a e-store that I usually get my PEZ from :
Hope this helps!