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PEZ complete set (Euro)

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These PEZ candy are mostly for Singapore market.
Opening up all my PEZ collection has caught me with one problem!
Aha...I am going to grow FAT! So much candy...
For this post, it consists of PEZ on card.
These PEZ are for European, Asian..etc. market.
I'll be posting on PEZ in bags which are from USA in another post.

This PEZ card you see below is generally what at the back of the cards in Singapore.
Older ones are better because for different series they have the different characters printed on the back of the card.
But now, we can only see how a PEZ operates, so sometimes it's difficult to know how many PEZ are in the series!

This set have only 2 ET.
I consider myself quite lucky to have found this unexpectly at a toy store that do not sell PEZ!
They said it belonged to their customer whom left it there to ask them to sell.

Fish out of water, Chicken Little & Ugly Duckling

Ice Age 2 PEZ
Diego Saber Tooth Tiger, Manny the Mastadon, Sid the Sloth & Scrat the Squirrel

Looney Tunes Football Collection PEZ
Dafty Duck, Tas, Bugs Bunny & Tweety Bird
I'm not really sure if there is other footballs in this series as I have only managed to find 2 football, one with tweety & one printed with Bugs Bunny.
I did spot the PEZ stem that has different colour wordings but I didn't get the variation.

Homer, Marge, Lisa ,Maggie & Bart

Christmas Winter Stars PEZ
Snowman, Santa, Deer & Icee Bear

Cars PEZ
Doc Hudson (Chervolet), Mater (Brown Lorry), Sally (Blue Car) & Lightning McQueen(Red)

Sanrio Crystal PEZ
Hello Kitty, My Melody, Coro Coro Kuririn & Hello Kitty w/ Bunny.
The PEZ stem is very nicely printed!

Disney Collection PEZ
Pluto, Minnie, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Daisy & Donald Duck

Best of Pixar Movies PEZ
Incredibles : Mr Incredibles, Toy Story : Buzz Lightyear, Monster Inc : Sull & Mike, Nemo : Nemo & Cars : Lightning McQueen

Bruce the Shark was added to the Best of Pixar in 2008 (Post additions on 4th August 2008).

Ratatouille was added to the Best of Pixar in 2008 (Post additions on 7th August 2008).

Shrek 3 PEZ
Fiona, Shrek, Donkey & Puss N Boots

Meet the Robinson PEZ
Carl the Robot, Bowler, Lewis & Wilbur

Ratatouille PEZ
Bad Chef Skinner, Chef Linguini, Ratatouille Remi & Remi's brother Emile

Sanrio PEZ
Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty w/ Bunny, My Melody and Coro Coro Kuririn.

Post Additions on 19 May 2008 :
Disney Fairies
I am so surprised to find this new PEZ Disney Fairies today.
PEZ is like so dead here, keep seeing only the repeated Pixar collection everywhere...
Haven't find any New PEZ in Singapore for many months already.
Finally something NEW!
Now I am hoping they will have the Kung Fu Panda PEZ here!!!

Post Additions on 25 May 2008
Looney Tunes PEZ - 3 Tweety and 2 Taz
No doubt the tweety is cute but does the PEZ company really need to make 3 tweety in 1 series???
I crystal Tweety and I normal Tweety is nice enough!
Having another one with a different printed stem is really...I can't think of words to describe now...maybe another time!

Post Additions on 27 May 2008 :
Hello Kitty and (Buuny?) PEZ
This is very nice because it features a full bodied character PEZ.

Post Addtions on 20 October 2008 :
Batman and Villains PEZ
Riddler, 2-faced, Joker and Batman

Pirates of the Caribbean PEZ - Dead Man Tells No Tales
Captain Jack Sparrow, William Turner and Davy Jones Pirate

Post Additions on 17 November 2008 :
Wall.E PEZ
Wall.e and Eve

Post Additions on 15 april 2009:
Hello Kitty PEZ 2009 - Ribbon & Flower

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse PEZ
Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie
I'm missing out one more PEZ from this series - Pete the Cat!
But I'm not sure for Singapore, whether they have included this Pete the Cat PEZ character or not in this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series.

Disney 2009 PEZ
Simba (Lion King), Marie (Aristocats), Bambi (Bambi), Dalmatian (101 Dalmatian) and Baloo (Jungle Book)

Post Additions on 16 April 2009 :
Monster vs Aliens
The Missing Link - fish-ape hybrid (Green)
Insectosaurus - a 350 foot tall grub (Brownish)
B.O.B - Bicarbonate Ostylezene Benzoate (Cystal Blue)

Post Additions on 27 January 2010 :
My Friends Tigger & Pooh PEZ set
Buster, Tigger, Darby and Pooh

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