Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 New Hermits

Updated Post on 19 February 2009(Night), 21 February 2009

These 2 are my new hermit crabs, Snowy and Bubbles.
All my previous 6 hermits died after keeping for about 9 months only.
I was quite sad then, so I gave up keeping them sometime last August 2008.
Clean up, packed up all the tank stuff and store it away.
But this afternoon, when I was at the aquarium shop, I saw these hermits again.'s still as cute, so I brought back 2 hermit crabs.
When I reached home, I immediately bathe them at the kitchen sink with de-chlorinated water.
Leaving them at the sink (above photo), while I set up their tank.

About an hour later, they were both introduced to their new home.
Done a basic setup with 1 fresh water and 1 salt water for them.
Plus put in some empty shells for them.
I'll need to find suitable sand and a coconut husk for them too.
I gave them some fish pellet foods and to my surprise, they ate very fast.
They must be very very hungry at the aquarium shop.

This is Snowy!

This is Bubbles!

Initially, they were quite afraid when I was snapping photos from them!
But after a little while, they eventually got used to this crazy owner never-ending photo taking! Hee...hee...

Taking a shade under the (fake) coconut tree!

Hours later, they both seems to settle down quite well.
When I pick them up, they did come out from their shell to look around.
Just hope they'll be happy and healthy!

Post Additions on 19 February 2009 (Night) :
I went over to the aquarium shop to pick up another little one!
Named this one "Summer" as it is rather active and it's body is slightly orange in colour!

Post Additions on 21 February 2009:
Another 2 hermit crabs are added today.
Now, they are all living together as a family of 5.
Sand and drift wood were also added to the tank.
Hope these 2 will able to settle down soon with their tankmates.
Below is photos of them freshly after bathing!

This hermit crab is call "Cola".

This one is named "Caramel". A very shy little one.

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Anonymous said...

I find hermit crabs fascinating. I usually pick some of those when I see them on the beach

Anonymous said...

There's a package for you at


astrogalaxy said...

Hi Charles,
So lucky to find them at the beach.
I've once went to the beach at East Coast hoping to find some hermit crabs but... couldn't find any!

astrogalaxy said...

Thank you so much AV,
I am very happy to have this "Let's Be Friends" award.
This is my first award and something I'll always treasure and remember.

yun said...


Im interested in getting the hermit crabs? Would u mind telling me where did u buy? u may wish to email me @
Thanks =)

astrogalaxy said...

Hello yun,
I usually buy my Hermit crabs from Clementi aquarium (Blk 328 - Opp. Clementi MRT, short walk among the HDB flats.) or PetMart (Serangoon North).
I've also just visited your blog!
Your collections of toys is very COOL! Happy Collecting!

yun said...

did u purchase the hermit crabs on last sat(Clementi Blk 328)? the shop still left how many? i will like to drop by after work later if still have.. hehe =P

astrogalaxy said...

I was there on Monday or Tuesday, they still have about 7 left. Since it's a few days already, I'm not sure. Just in case, they are closed on Sunday.
The hermits are not in their hermit crab tank.
Go further into the back of the aquarium shop where the goldfish is, the hermit is in the pail.

BTW, I've also just watch and enjoyed your youtube video of your pet bird. They are very lovable and Cute! How long have you been keeping them? They seemed very friendly and tame!

yun said...

my lovebirds have been with me for ard 2 years =)
They are quite tame but they still bite at times when they are in bad mood(laying eggs period).. But overall stil quite easy to handle.
Thanks for the info.. i will check it out tmr for the hermit.
btw wanna exchange links for our blog?

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks for the info!
I'm sure glad to exchange links with you!
Will get it done right away!

yun said...

Thanks for the link =)
I have linked u!
Do post up ur Elmo video in youtube if u have.. haa

astrogalaxy said...

Welcome, yun!
I haven't got any videos of Elmo yet. Will let you know once I have any posted.
Have a great weekend!

yun said...

Went to Clementi aquarium shop today but all the hermit have been sold out =(

astrogalaxy said... fast, probably saturday business very good! Maybe next time better to call them first before going down!

yun said...

yah shld do tat next time. btw are u staying at the west side?

astrogalaxy said...

No, hope you'll find the hermits you want soon!