Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A visit to the dentist

2 days ago, monday, I went to the dentist to have my toothache examine.
It was my upper left wisdom tooth.
There are good news and bad news.
Bad news is that my tooth is beyond repair...
Fillings can't be done as only less than half of the tooth is left.
Good news is that I don't have to pluck it immediately, which means I still have a choice...
But ultimately, it needs an extraction.
So, I said " it today!"
Sounds brave huh?
But in the next one minute, when I was lying on the dental chair.
My hands started shaking.
It was embrassing, so I folded my arms.
But the experienced dentist noticed and asked if I was scared.
I replied "a little"...which I lied. I was very scared!
Never did I ever felt this way before.
I was never afraid of visiting dental and I had had my teeth extracted before.
Often visit the dentist for regular washing and fillings too.
But maybe, this time was different as it's my wisdom tooth.
Heard many awful stories about people extracting wisdom tooth.
To think that I've had 4 wisdom tooth, this fall into the list one of my biggest fears - Extracting Wisdom Tooth.
I was like worried for about 15 years and the day arrived!

After 2 injection and about 15 minutes later, my gums started to feel numb.
My dentist came into the room.
By now, I've become more calm and my hands aren't shaking already.
He started pulling my tooth...
Arrggguuuugghhh... it was very painful.
So I raised my hand and stopped the dentist.
100 times worse pain than my toothache.
At the moment, I really regret the extraction.
I could well live with my toothache, I thought.
Then the dentist gave me another injection.
He said he was only shaking the teeth earlier.
I just nodded.
Inside, I was thinking, Shaking only... already so pain.
I'll probably faint from the extraction then!
About 2 minutes later, he started to extract my wisdom tooth.
My heart started to beat faster...
But this time, it's was ok.
The pain was bearable and before I knew it, my wisdom tooth was out.
He said, "Ok, can rinse your mouth."
Those were like magical words.
Finally it's OVER!
A visit to the dentist wasn't what I imagined to be so terrifying after all.
To think I was only in the dental room for less than half an hour but had fear it for 15 years.
As compared, my mind fear is more toturing.


Anonymous said...

That reminds me that I havent been to a dentist for a year now since I am not at home yet. I'll visit my dentist once I get back since I usually have around twice a year check up with the dentist.

Hey I added your link as well on my Link section!

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks Charles for adding my link!
Cheers to you!