Monday, February 18, 2008

Malaysia - Melaka (Part 1)

Date : 16th & 17th February 2008

Went to Melaka with my parents and 2 friends.
My dad drove his little red Chevrolet Aveo.
I wished he had goten yellow, so I can stick the racing stripes and imagine it is the Transformer "BumbleBee"...
Driving time from Singapore to Melaka is approx. 2hour & 15 minutes at about 100km/h.
Distance from Malaysia-Johor Bahru to Melaka is 224km.
We used the Tuas 2nd link expressway.
It's is more expensive compared to the Woodlands checkpoint.
But the time saved from avoiding traffic jams were all well worth it.

Common sight of these types of tower in Malaysia.
About every half an hour on the expressway, there will be a rest & relax spot.
The restrooms were all very clean. Big and well ventilated.
Some of the R&R spot also have lots of food stalls to fill your stomach.
We only stopped once for about 20 mintues and proceeded with our journey.

The first time we did when we reached was to find a hotel.
We checked into a hotel named "Mimosa" at No. 108, Jalan Bunga Raya for RM$138/per room for a night.
Price includes a complimentary breakfast.
The room & bathroom is clean.
Except that I find the lights too dim and the pillow is a bit dirty and dusty.
There's nothing in the fridge.
Apart from the above, I would say it's a plesant stay.

It's dinnertime!!!
I voted to eat the famous chicken rice ball.
I just love chicken rice.
One of my relative said it's super nice and if you are checking out food on Melaka, you'll wouldn't miss this too. There's a lot of advertisments on this Famosa Chicken Rice Ball.
I personnally find the food ok but it is not that fantastic.
Maybe it's because there are so much advertisements and making the chicken rice looks superb???
The rice ball tastes of chicken and ginger. Nice!
Otah is also reccomend to go along with the meal.
Which is about all...

A typical chinese medication hall near my hotel.
The way they stacked their goods, you really have to admire them.
No support but looks secure enough.
The cups of tea outside their stalls are herbal tea.
Usually have cooling effects for the body.
Can can cure coughs or slight flu.
Tea tastes a bit bitter.
It's good to drink if you've eaten alot of heaty food or fried stuffs.
But before you drink, it is better to ask for the price and it's effects!

The white church is the photo is "St. Francis Xavier's Church."
View of Malacc River.
We continued to Night Market at Jonker Walk.

Sugar coated fresh fruit candies. Many different types of fruits on stick.
It's very sweet.
Take your pick and the auntie would coat the sugar for you.
As it's name sugguest, this probably orginates from Taiwan.
Mine consists of Prune, Green Grape, Tomato, Orange, Red Grape.

I'm now regretting not buying this Pikachu helmet.
Cost about RM$36.00.
Cute, is it ?

Long queeue for deserts.
Must be really nice.
I didn't try it...Arughh, should have!!!

Selling fried carrot cakes.
It's not a stall, table...etc.
He's selling on his motorbike.
All these stuff you see here was stacked up on his motorbike. Mobile Food!

Streets are buzzings with people.
These people are watching some performance on stage. This picture kinda gives the the 1980's feeling. Where a lot of people would gather to watch public perfomance especially on Hungry Ghost Festival.

You might have already noticed.
There are alot of laterns hanging. Red laterns!
Full of chinese new year celebrations moods.
I find this "Hakka" association building unique. I like the way they hung their laterns.

We walked about another 15 minutes from Jonker's Market for supper at this place.
Full of people.
It is call "Satay Celup"
Each stick cost RM$0.50.
Go to the refrigerator and choose the food you like.
If you can't finish in the end, you can return the uncook food.
The food is cheap and fresh.
Only drawback is that the pot is quite dirty.
They will top up satay sauce in the pot.
Not replacing a new one when other customers arrive,
Which means everyone is eating from the same pot at the same table!!!
Forget about the cleaniness, you can then enjoy the food.
It's very very nice.
Slghtly hot but also taste sweet.
Contains lots of crushed peanuts.

On our way back to the hotel, I saw this!
Time was about 12 midnight. The Ferris Wheel was still turning.
Lots of people were there, thought the opposite streets where I'm at, was empty.
Back to the hotel.
Showered, set alarm at 6am and with very full stomach, I fell asleep fast ...

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Anonymous said...

That shop doesn't sell authentic chicken rice balls, you should've gone to hoe kee or chung wah's just across the street (only open at daytime though).

That shop you went is too commercialized, even the rice balls are made using machines.

astrogalaxy said...

Yeah, I too agreed that it's too commercialized.
Using machine...wah...No wonder the chicken rice ball all looks exactly the same size!
If I visit again, I will sure try out your recommendations! Thanks!