Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Have you ever love a Blogger?

(Credits : Photographer Unknown)

Have you ever love a Blogger?
I mean really love someone with your heart & soul.
Love the things he/she wrote, drew or said?
The way the site was designed.
The words that all made up the whole blog.
Quotes you'll never forget.
Everything in the blog was so captivating.
You spent many sleepless nights reading & reading & reading...
Then suddenly you realized later that you actually know this person.
Would you tell this person you've stumbled upon his/her personal blog?
Knowing that the person wouldn't like anyone close to know.
Would you still admit?
Would you?
Well, I admitted and it's one of the most regretful things I've done.
I should've just kept my silence.
I shouldn't have allowed myself falling deep.
So deep that it seems bottomless.
"If I didn't admit reading your blog, would we still be friends?"
"If I didn't love you, would we still be friends? "
Questions like this kept surfacing in my head.
I must be crazy to let myself go through this.
There's so much between us and also so little between us...
What's left now is distance.
Your image to me is blur now.
Your voice to me is like thousands of miles away.
I can't see you or hear you anymore.
Which is also a good thing.
At least for me it is!

This is my story!
I've once loved a Blogger.
Have you?


Mantas said...

Nice story~
If you know me, don't tell me Haha
I started my blog 4 days ago, so if you have any suggestions how to increase traffic let me know ;)

If you don't mind me asking, has anyone have you made money on any of your adds?

astrogalaxy said...

Dear Mantas,

You can submit your blog link to different blog directories. I have them at my sidebar.Just click on the icon. It's free but you'll need to register with them first and paste their html link before they'll post your web link.

As for the ads...Nope, I have not made any money on my ads so far! Wonder if I'll ever???
I was trying to experiment on different page elements, using different widgets, html, pasting goggle ads..etc. Not so much in using my blog to make any money.

Thanks for dropping by and hope you'll be back here often!

astrogalaxy said...

Oh dear, I spelled Google as goggle!!! Sorry!

FRANCINE said...

WOW this is very touching! did you make it? you have a big something in your heart that you can really express out. i guess youre very talented.

by the way, thanks very much for the nice comment you left in my blog. its making me smile

Joey said...

Gonna check your blog out.

Dav DiDi said...

Errmmm .. only know few bloggers around me .. :)

Sweetiepie said...

Yes,before i start blogging but eversince i blog i don't have time to fall in love with a blogger.But I do read and leave comments to those who sincerly visit my blog.:)

astrogalaxy said...

Dav didi,
Thanks for dropping in

astrogalaxy said...

Dear sweetiepie,
How's things over your side?

astrogalaxy said...

hi francine,
I'm so sorry, I just realised today that I seem to miss out on your comment and replying so late!
Thank you for your comment! It's greatly appreciated!

astrogalaxy said...

I'm very very late too! Sorry!
Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy reading my blog!