Friday, February 15, 2008

Elmo Update 3

Elmo's private gym.
Aha... Elmo was afraid at first.
Seeing Elmo walking in reverse gear is funny.
I guessed that's how bird reacts when
they are afraid.
Walking backwards, away from danger...
Now, Elmo is loving it.
Everytime I leave it on the floor, you'll see a very quick action bird coming to play.

Elmo's favourite swing.

Infos on Elmo's growth :
Elmo is completely on bird seeds & millets.
He has weaned a couple of weeks ago.
I do recommend other bird keepers to practice "Abundance Weaning" too.
In short, it means to feed the baby bird till they don't want to eat the hand fed milky food anymore.
Personally, I feel this way it the best for the bird.
When I tried to cut the baby feedings, Elmo was screaming mad.
Even though I've put a variety of foods inside Elmo's house.
He wouldn't eat at all.
As if he simply cannot see the food at all.
But when I fed him on milk and his stomach is full bloat.
You'll see a happy bird exploring his surroundings and food.
I prepared the same amount of fed, 20 ml per feeding.
Fed till he don't want to eat anymore.
You'll noticed that as day goes by.(Ensure lots of food & water is available).
The bird intake will be reduced, not by me but by the bird itself.
20ml to 15ml, then it became 10, 8 ml, 5ml...
Elmo WEANED happily !!!

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Elise said...

Elmo is sucha cute name for a bird.

He looks so laid backl and happy.


Livingsword said...

Hi Astrogalaxy;

What a cute bird Elmo is!

I’m curious are you at all interested in the New Battlestar Galactica?

astrogalaxy said...

Hello Livingsword,

Actually I do not know about the Battlestar Galactica. Google for a search just now. I like their battle ship very much. I've also notice that the show is in season four now, so it's must be quite a good one. Have you watch them?

Thanks you dropping in and hope you'll be back here often!

Livingsword said...

Hi Astrogalaxy;

The new Battlestar Galactica is great! Great effects, interesting storylines, very good acting. If you ever have an opportunity to have a look try it out.